Emily Culottes Sew-Along: Getting Started

Alright friends, let’s get this awesome Emily Culottes party started!

Emily Culottes Sew-along by Sew Maris

I am really excited about this wonderful pattern from the talented Kennis Wong. I have already made up 2 pairs, and have plans for at least one more pair. So.Comfy!

Hopefully by now you have purchased your own copy of the pattern, but if not, be sure to do so very soon. In my earlier post you will find the “secret” coupon code that saves you a whopping 30% on your pattern, which is good through August 2nd. Thanks, Kennis!

Also, some of you might be new to sewing with PDF pattern downloads. Honestly, it is as easy as pie, and here are a couple of hints that are helpful:

  1. Use your waist measurement to select the correct size. (Tip: I was between an 8 & 10, printed 10, and it is a little big for me, so I plan to size down to an 8. This may be because I like a very snug waist fit.)
  2. Be sure to use the Adobe “Layers” functionality to print out only your size.  Kennis has diagrams and great instructions on how to do this on page 7 of her written instructions. Check the “Actual Size” or “Scale to 100%” option on your Print dialog before printing the pattern tiles.
  3. Page 8 of the pattern instructions shows you the arrangement of the tiles so you can tape/glue the paper together in the right order. It is way easier than it may appear to you newbies. Trust me!
  4. I use a liquid gel glue stick rather than cellophane tape to assemble my pattern. Saves.So.Much.Time. There are loads of other types of glue sticks, and I am sure they all work fine.
  5. Do not bother printing the instructions. The pattern tiles are located on pages 27 – 49, so those are the only pages I print. I always just read the construction info on my computer – saves a tree or two.

Have you joined our Facebook group yet? It’s a fun way to ask questions and chat with others who are sewing up Emily Culottes, too.

Emily Culottes Sew-along by Sew Maris

Have you bought fabric, or better yet, are you using something out of your stash? Kennis recommends medium or “bottom-weight” fabrics. If you plan to use a fabric with stretch, it should be stable with slight stretch – a woven with a small amount of Lycra is probably a good choice. So far I have made 1 pair in denim and 1 pair from something linen-y  (or maybe a linen blend – it has been in my stash so long I don’t really know!). The denim has more structure, and the linen-y is softer and drapier. Maybe it has some rayon? Honestly, depending on the look you want to achieve, many fabrics could work (with the exception of something very stretchy like a jersey knit).

You no doubt have noticed how many options are included in this pattern. I plan to cover in this sew-along:

  1. Plain front (non-pleated) culottes without pockets or tabs
  2. Pleated front culottes with single welt pockets.
  3. An Emily-hack with side front pockets. Yes, I will cover the pattern drafting to accomplish this!

If you have never participated in a sew-along, the idea is you sew along with a community, and share your tips and questions with the group. That is what our Facebook group is intended for, but if you are not a FB user feel free to leave comments in the blog. If you get behind, don’t sweat it. All you have to do is pick up the blog posts again as soon as you can. The blog and FB group will still be accessible, so don’t let this project be the thing that pushes you over the edge. This is supposed to be FUN!

If you tweet or use Instagram, be sure to use the hashtag #sewmarisemily. That way we can all find each other’s posts.

Fun times, and thanks so much for joining in!!

Happy sewing,




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