Black Friday

Wow, there is nothing but retail craziness this year. I used to participate a little bit when my kids were younger, and what was under the Christmas tree was REALLY important. But gradually as they grew older we all wanted to opt out of the buying frenzy, and focus more on spending time together, playing card games, cooking, eating, and just hanging out. This year I am going to try to make all or most of my gifts. Of course, that will likely involve some fabric purchases, but I am not really planning anything too extensive. (Umm, actually I have been a little light in the planning department, period, but I am just about to kick that into high gear. 😉 )

What about you? Are you participating in holiday gift-giving this year? Do you plan (or hope!) to make any of your gifts? I’d love to hear your comments!


Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

2 Responses to Black Friday

  1. I agree with you totally; the retail frenzy makes me crazy! I avoid shopping on Black Friday at all costs! The fact that they open earlier and earlier is just insane. Thanksgiving should be about family and friends and food, not about what time we need to go get in line outside of __________.
    I am making some gifts, purchased some from Etsy, and will buy a few at some local small businesses. If I am very lucky, I will not need to go to the mall at all!
    Good luck with your gift making!
    xo, Anita

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