Kwik-Sew now part of McCalls patterns

News Flash: Kwik-Sew is now owned by the McCall’s pattern company. The good news for me is that Kwik-Sew patterns will be part of the McCall’s consolidated online shopping cart, which I love. I buy many of my patterns online, so this merger will definitely be more convenient for me. The bad news…..too soon to tell.

I really like Kwik-Sew patterns. I think they are well-drafted and generally employ good construction techniques. I particularly like them for my beginning students, and I use them as well for simple garments in my wardrobe. Kerstin Martensson is the founder of Kwik-Sew, and she originally focused on patterns for stretch fabrics. She is now deceased, and her son Eric McMaster has been running the company since 2002. The history of Kwik-Sew is an interesting one, and definitely a testimony to Kerstin’s vision and hard work.

I hope Kwik-Sew will be able to retain their uniqueness after this merger, especially after the dust settles a bit. IMHO Kwik-Sew is a great alternative to the McCall’s family of patterns, and I hope they continue to provide a distinct pattern option for all sewists.

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  1. I really hope they don’t change the patterns. I love that Kwik Sew patterns use real paper and not that flimsy tissue paper that most of the big companies use!

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