Selvage Designs Presents the Foxglove Top for Women

I am a joiner. I hate to miss a party or be left out of most anything. Especially anything that involves dark chocolate, sewing, or espionage thrillers.

So naturally I was thrilled when Lauren Dahl of Selvage Designs asked me to test her latest pattern for women—the Foxglove racer back top. Well, I was thrilled until I saw the pattern. My first reaction? “Oh that is a darling top—for the younger gals.”

Selvage Designs Foxglove Pattern Review by Sew Maris

Color me surprised. I made this top up and I.Love.It.I find it is a great layering piece to throw over a T, or to wear all by its lonesome on the <2> scorchingly hot summer days we have here in Seattle. <LOL>.

Also, did you notice the lovely, hi-cut armholes? I am totally not a fan of arm-boob, so the drafting  in this area pleased me.

Selvage Designs Foxglove Pattern Review by Sew Maris

The back of the Foxglove is cut in in typical racer-back style, so you will definitely see your bra straps. If that bothers you, a close-fitting T underneath would do the trick.

Selvage Designs Foxglove Pattern Review by Sew Maris

Did I also mention I am not a big hi-lo fan? But the shaping on this top is subtle enough that I actually really like it. Of course, because you S-E-W, you can straighten the hem or make other pattern variations to suit your personal preferences.

As originally drafted the Foxglove is supposed to include a center front and center back seam with topstitching details. I detest topstitching ITY jersey. So the pattern variation I decided to implement was to cut both the back and front on the fold, eliminating the center seams. Who would see the topstitching in this print, anyway?

Selvage Designs Foxglove Pattern Review by Sew Maris

Another design line I adore on this pattern is the neckline. Nicely done, Lauren! Yes, it is rounded, but in kind of a V-like way. I think it is just a particularly pretty design line. During the pattern testing there was some chatter about changing this line, and I screamed a vehement NO! She heard me. 😉

OK, here are the technical details of this pattern review IMHO:

Pattern Drafting: A+.

This pattern fits together beautifully, including the curved hemline matching. I am a stickler for quality drafting, and Lauren passed with flying colors.

Pattern Design: B

Very nice simple, design. In parlance —a great wardrobe builder. The Foxglove may not be the most exciting design I have ever seen, but it is a darn attractive top that is wearable on many body shapes and sizes. And ages, too. 😉

Pattern Instructions: B+

Very well done with plenty of pictures and detail.

If you love supporting Indie pattern designers like I do, Selvage Designs is definitely worth a look. Check out the Foxglove pattern testing roundup so you can see the variety of body shapes and fabrics used during testing. I think you might agree this pattern has a place in your collection. Make up a Foxglove for yourself—it will only cost you a few hours time. You certainly can’t convince me there isn’t at least one piece of knit fabric in your stash that would work nicely for this top! 😉

I received a free copy of the Foxglove draft and final pattern for testing; the views expressed are my own.

Happy sewing!




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  1. Looks great! I’m with you on he hi-low trend; I think someday we’ll look at photos and say: Wow, that was really early 2000-teens…. 😉 But this one is subtle and flattering, especially on you! Pinned and s-t-u-m-b-l-e-d…..

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