Fall patterns fall flat

Someone else must be  inhabiting my body.

I love patterns. I have storage boxes full of them. I love to pore over every design line, dream about the precisely right fabric for each garment,  and imagine a closet full of new clothes every season. New patterns are new beginnings. Getting every detail exactly right. When looking at a fresh pattern collection, I never think about  ripping or correcting fitting problems. I only dream about the possible.

Odd then, that I am very “meh” about the new fall collections from Vogue, McCalls, and Butterick. Maybe I have finally reached my pattern collection limit, or possibly I have collected every design line ever drawn. It looks to me like this fall I will be sewing some of my TNTs (tried and true), or adding a few more independent pattern designers to my collection. Maybe the true innovation is happening with some of the smaller pattern companies, just like in other areas of business. Style Arc? Sewaholic? Oliver & S?

What are you excited about sewing this season? Any new patterns you love? How about fabrics? Tell me about what dreams you have for your wardrobe right now!

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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    • I know, right? Seems like the same trend as in movies, housing styles, etc – just small tweaks in the same old lines – not truly innovative design/work. Too homogenous, but maybe most don’t want substantive change. I keep thinking the main reason tho is because of the additional costs to re-engineer patterns, instructions, etc. Self-drafting may be the answer!! 😉

  1. I know!! Vogue recently had a big sale and for the life of me I couldn’t find any I wanted to order. I have been really impressed with some of the indies lately. StyleArc, Sewaholic, Grainline Studios, Colette, to name a few. Most that I have tried have been really well drafted and stylish. The latest issue of Burda Style also had several intriguing designs, too.

  2. I agree Cissie! For me to not find anything I want to order is RARE, to say the least. I love StyleArc designs, but grimace at the shipping costs. I also like Christine Jonson and Textile Studios. Burda is mixed for me – but they definitely come up with some things that appeal throughout the year. Happy sewing!

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