Pants with lots of topstitching

Jeans! They are just pants with lots of top-stitching, right? I must be a glutton for top-stitching – I love making my DH’s dress shirts and am having loads of fun experimenting with making jeans. I don’t have the pattern fitting right yet, partially because I keep playing around with different fabrics (stretch, non-stretch, different amounts of stretch), and partially because I keep messing around with a variety of patterns. So far I think the Jalie 2908 is the best-fitting pattern for my body type. Huh. readers already figured that out…doh!

But….I have been kind of obsessed with my vintage Calvin Klein 2442 pattern, so I based my latest black jeans attempt on this design.


At least it was my starting point. I tapered the thighs a little and added some flare below the knee instead of keeping the full, straight leg design. And the pattern’s curved waistband was not working for me at all, so I ditched that as well.  What I did love about this CK pattern though were the little construction details. Great little coin pocket. Sewn on fly extension. Great curve on the front pockets.

I still need to work on the booty fit. I am definitely making progress on the construction details, the fit is improving, but perfection…..not quite there yet. Anyway, I plan to wear these jeans around the house tomorrow and see how they perform. Pictures coming!

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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    • Rachel – you CAN do it! Jeans are not that hard – the main thing is to perfect your topstitching. An edgestitch foot will really help with that, and so will a quarter inch foot. Buy some inexpensive denim and give it a go! You will learn a lot by DOING. Good luck!

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