#%$& Jeans zipper

Sometimes sewing is an exercise in patience.  And I don’t have much! I had a new pair of jeans nearly finished – they just needed the waistband, belt loops, and a button and buttonhole. I was shortening the metal zipper so I wouldn’t have unnecessary little metal teeth in the waistband, and …… you can envision what happened, right? Despite adding a thread bar tack to stop the zipper, the pull slid right off the end.  &*^@#$&*^#  I tried my darndest to get that stinkin’ pull back on, and finally decided it would be faster and easier to put in a new zipper. I was sooooooooo sad to rip out the beautiful red topstitching around the fly. I guess I will be getting more topstitching practice soon. Sigh.

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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