Try a twinset


I did it — I just finished my first ever twinset! Using a wool sweater knit! If you are itching (no pun intended!) to make something that will give you a lot of pleasure bang for your sewing effort buck, I suggest you try a knit twinset. I used the Loes Hinse Sweater Set pattern, which was recommended by one of my ASG sewing buddies. Simple, simple, simple. The pattern includes a sleeveless, V-necked shell and a cardigan with either long sleeves or 3/4 length. For my first effort, I decided to make the pattern exactly as instructed with long sleeves. I was feeling a little chilly today. 🙂

Seriously, you can make these 2 garments in a blink. I serged all the seams (all 8 of them!), and then topstitched around all the edges as directed. Easy peasy. All together I probably made both garments in a couple of hours. The only thing I found a little odd about the pattern is the cardigan “circumference” is exactly the same as the shell. I wanted just a bit more room in the sweater, so I added a little extra on the side seams. The shell fit perfectly, and I like the extra ease in the sweater.  


I am jazzed to make up the red sweater knit next. It is a lighter weight but still a wool knit, and I think I have enough fabric to make two cardigans in both sleeve lengths, as well as the shell. Have you ever sewn with a sweater knit? What styles have you tried? I’d love to hear about your sweater knit fun! 

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen


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  1. Your twinset looks lovely. Maybe I should give this a try. Goodness knows I have enough in my stash to make more than one! :~)

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