Add a touch of class to your knits

Maybe you need to get a little sass girl, and up your game the next time you make a tee.

Linda stitched up this T-shirt with a gentle scoop neck in a lovely, heathery-brown, cotton interlock. One of those basic wardrobe workhorse patterns we all love, right?

Brown Knit Tee

But check this out:

Brown Knit Tee hem detail

Uh huh. Two rows of straight stitching, and a fancy-pants embroidery stitch in between. No, I did not suggest this hemming technique to my student. In fact, this was the first T-shirt she ever made. Looks like she is plenty smart (and bold!) enough to design and implement this awesome hem all on her own. BAM! What are you doing to your next tee-shirt hem?

Happy sewing!


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