Another Simplicity 3775—DONE!

If you are intimidated by sewing knits, I want to encourage you to GET OVER IT! Knits are very forgiving, and we all love wearing them. Comfortable, easy care, available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and prints – what’s not to love? You don’t need a serger to successfully sew with knits, and most patterns for knits have simple design lines that make construction easy and quick. Like my latest version of Simplicity 3775. This pattern was voted a “Best Pattern of 2007” and a “Hall of Fame 2009” design on – for good reason. It is a flattering design, easy to sew, and makes up in a snap. Perfect!

Simplicity 3775 Blue Grey Black Knit

I made the “crossover top” view of the dress in a black and cream zebra print a long while back, and have worn that dress a few million times.  Love it. Love it so much I need a few more versions, and now am at +1. I was a little neutral about this print initially, but I LOVE it made up. Keeps me in my black and white wardrobe basics, but with a little punch.

I decided to add the neckline self-fabric binding, but also add a bit of stretchy trim accent. The trim was a bear to put on – took 2 tries and I still may have to adjust it a little down the road – but for now I am calling it done. On my second try I pressed the dress and binding (yes you can press knits), and then carefully pinned the trim just slightly above the seamline. Since the trim is rather thick, it wanted to wander while I was stitching with a narrow and long-ish zig-zag stitch. Adds a little pizazz, don’t you think?


Ooohhh, the very best news ever about this dress is I finally completely and totally tamed my coverstitch machine! I switched the looper thread to wooly nylon, and also reduced the looper thread tension to almost nothing. NO TUNNELING. NONE. NADA. ZIP!!! Pretty exciting, eh? Look Ma, an absolutely flat hem!


And the looper is all even and stretchy!


And just because I know you want to see it again, here is the skirt hem front – also behaving itself nicely.


And another shot of the lovely loopy backside!


I am so excited about taming this machine that has been driving me crazy I might even write up a tutorial on how to achieve this loveliness. But not tonight. I really have to clean up the sewing room before students arrive tomorrow.

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen


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  1. I would love a tutorial for the taming when you have time….that would be extremely helpful! Lovely dress dear, I do confess that knits are still a little intimidating, but you are very inspiring with such lovely results!

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