Pamela Leggett rocked it for Seattle ASG

Hey there, how did you spend this past weekend? I got the chance to hang out with loads of sewing nerds learning all kinds of cool things about working with knit fabrics. Awesome!

Specifically, the Seattle ASG chapter hosted Pamela for our spring educational event, and we had a near-sell-out crowd at Renton Technical College for both this past Saturday and Sunday. Seriously fun sewing times, people!

Students for Pamela Leggett Seattle ASG Event by Sew Maris

Check out the crowds filing in for Pamela’s Saturday’s lecture class. Thee were some brand new ASG members as well as plenty of long-standing members in attendance. It is always so much fun to be with your people.


Pamela had loads of patterns and products to share with us, and no, I am not going to tell you how many patterns I bought. I was my normal restrained self. 😉


Once Pamela started her Design Details and Knits and Fits lecture, people were all ears. Notes were taken and questions asked.


Look at the fun crew we had serving our lunch! Of course, anytime someone wants to cook for me they are immediately my new best friend. 😉


Sunday we had the chance to make a cardigan sweater using one of Pamela’s Patterns, either the Draped Front or the Banded Front cardi. The thing that sets her patterns apart from others is she has built in some of the most common adjustments required by women, ummm, of a certain age. Things like a forward shoulder adjustments, and shortening the armhole. Very clever, and not to mention useful.


Everyone was measured to make sure they started with the correct size in Pamela’s pattern, and after cutting out our fabric we were ready for the construction process. There was a fun variety of knit fabrics and colors in the room.


Marge is getting her shoulder length checked before she adds sleeves.!


Pamela demo’ed plenty of techniques thoughout the day, making sure each student was able to complete or nearly-complete a cardigan.

If you ever have the opportunity, RUN to sign up for a class with Pamela Leggett. She is the goddess of all-kinds-of-stretchy-knits, and she sure taught me a thing or two this weekend. I have sewn with knits for years, but I still learned some great tips and tricks from her that I plan to implement right away. Like yesterday, ladies!

Happy sewing!




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    • The Twinset, Banded Cardigan, Draped Front cardigan, Unmentionable Undies, Perfect Tank, and Pencil Skirt. Yay for supporting independent patternmakers!! 😉

  1. That was such a fun day, Maris! Pamela is a wonderful teacher and got me all stoked about sewing again after a long, dry spell. Even the lunch was good, and chatting with so many people I hadn’t seen in a long time would have been worth it even if everything else had tanked, which it didn’t. You put together a grand event for the Chapter and deserve a huge thank you for it.

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