Knits from New York

I seem to just be accumulating fabric right now rather than accomplishing any actual sewing. Spring fever I think – should I garden or sew? (Notice “housework” is not one of my options! 😉 )

I desperately need some new Ts right now. The ones that I really love and wear over and over are getting more than a little threadbare. Yes, I do have some nice knit fabric in my stash, but I was just in NYC for heavens sake! Don’t you think this sparkly blue knit looks like it will be fun to wear with jeans or black slacks?

sparkly blue poly knit

I’ve got the 4th of July covered with this fabric. Theme dressing!

red white and blue cotton knit

This rayon knit  might be my favorite purchase – purple, blue, black – YUM!

purple blue blackand white rayon knit

I am trying not to buy much black and white, but I thought this mostly white knit looked spring-like and fresh so I gave myself a pass. Now if I can just avoid putting too much black trim on it….

Black and white cotton knit

Of course I will probably use my Christine Jonson Baseware Two pattern for most of these, because my simple Ts are the ones I reach for most days. But the Christine Jonson Cross Your Heart T might need to come into rotation too. What do you think, readers? Other ideas?


Happy sewing!


3 Responses to Knits from New York

  1. I love the one with red and black as well. You might have to organize a NYC fabric buying trip. How do the prices run?

  2. Dear Ms. Maris,
    If you don’t mind my asking, where did you find the red, white and blue knit? I’ve been searching for something similiar to this look and have been unsuccessful so far. I was originally looking for red, white and blue paisley knit, but haven’t found any yet.
    Thanks very much! (and I LOVE the blue and black fabric, too!)
    Barbara Hopkins

    • Hi Barbara – I am pretty sure I bought it at Mood Fabrics in NYC. Since you are in NY maybe you can get there to buy some too! Good luck!


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