Warm and stylish dolls

Kids Sew Camp time again! It has been really cold lately in our beautiful Pacific Northwest, and some little dollies have been shivering and complaining of exposure.

The little fake fur jackets should help keep them toasty! Dang, those coats were so stinkin’ cute I wanted to sit down and whip one up for myself. And the earmuffs made the outfit.


This little gal was all business all day long. I am pretty sure the studio could have fallen down around her and she would have sewn on. And Monday was <almost> her first experience using a sewing machine.


I guess my instructions on sewing up the black stretch velvet leggings were just not that enthralling. Hey girls, look back at the TEACHER–I might actually be telling you something IMPORTANT! 😉


Okay, that’s a little better. Maybe I need to practice my delivery a little. Add a few jokes? 😉


Working with fake fur was definitely challenging, and there were a few moments when minor “course correction” had to be applied to either the garment or a machine.



Proud sewists, and happy dollies!



Officially of course, the theme of the day was American Girl doll clothes. What actually transpired was much more significant than a few small garments. Girls learning to master a power tool. Creating something with their own hands. Designing something of their own imagination. Love helping facilitate all that awesomeness!

Happy Sewing!

Maris Olsen

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  1. When I work with fake fur, the minor “course corrections” tend to need to be applied to my language 🙂 although you’ve given me some awesome tips for next time!

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