Changing the world….one girl at a time

Learning to sew is a life-changing experience for some girls. Not because it is another excuse for shopping, or wearing pink, or filling their time with a “feminine domestic arts”. But because sewing is empowering. You will learn how to solve problems. You will learn to persevere even when things go wrong. You will learn to apply critical thinking skills to a construction project. You will learn to operate, and master, a power tool.

Don’t believe me? Well, just take a look. You will see concentration. Focus. Perseverance. Joy. Pride. Empowerment. And much more.








Tomorrow you will see some final projects from this week’s Kids Sew Camp attendees. But watching the process is what rocks my world.

Happy sewing!


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  1. I love the expressions on their faces! And when the kids grasp a concept (pj pants and suddenly they become pants) love it!

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