Let’s Talk About Designing Your Garments

So you think you are NOT a fashion designer? Well, if you select patterns, fabrics, and trims to create a unique outfit, you ARE a designer.



If you feel like you have started mastering some of the construction techniques of sewing, but are on shakier ground when it comes to “pulling it all together” into a well-designed garment, please join me on August 28th for another Burda webinar. I will talk about the principles and elements of design, and give you some practical techniques about how you can apply these “rules” to actually creating the look you want.

The title of this webinar is The Do’s and Don’ts of Designing Your Garments, and it will be live August 28th from 8:00-9:00 PDT. If you are interested in the topic but can’t attend, you can still register and will receive a full transcript of the webinar. Almost as much fun as actually being there!

I hope you can join meā€”this is a fun topic!!

Happy sewing!


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