A Slice of Seattle Sewists

On Saturday afternoon the lovely Amy of Sew Well hosted a fun meet-and-greet at her house for Seamstress Erin, who recently left the San Francisco sewing and blogging scene and joined us way-cool Seattle-ites. Thanks Amy, for your hospitality, and the chance to meet some new Seattle sewists!

And that got me to thinking……

Seattle Sewing Mavens

…about community. Specifically, about the sewing community.

Do you have a sewing community? Is it exclusively a virtual, online community, or do you meet in person as well? Do you associate only with people of a similar sewing ability? How many people from other countries do you “know” or communicate with? What do you like best about your community? What would make it better?

My first “real” sewing community was the American Sewing Guild, and I am blessed with so many wonderful friends in our Seattle chapter. I have really only been active in the online sewing world the past 3 or 4 years, but I LOVE all my online pals just as much as my ASG sisters. And it is especially cool to chat with sewists in countries other than the U.S. Some things are just the same, and some things are unique to each locale.

Alright, your turn! I’d love to hear about your sewing community. Do tell!

Happy sewing!





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  1. Wow, that’s a nice, large group! There’s a nice group of sewers here in NYC, and I’ve been lucky enough to meet lots of people from other countries as they’ve come for visits here (off the top of my head, I’ve met up with people from Australia, England, Scotland, Japan, and Ukraine). It’s been especially fun to get to know, in real life and online, folks who’ve been sewing for many years. Blogs like yours have taught me so much and really pushed me to try new things and improve my skills! It’s so much more fun to sew in community than it is to sew alone. 🙂

    • How fun Ginger! And if my daughter still lived in Brooklyn I would have more chances to get to meet you in person. Next time I am in NYC I will give you a shout-out! Community IS more fun! And thank you for your kind words about my blog!! I hope you sew something awesome today!

  2. I don’t know anyone in my area that sews. I’m sure there must be some people, but I haven’t met them yet. I am considering joining the local ASG. I do like to meet up with other people from the online sewing community when I get the chance. I am planning to return to Seattle again, so I can meet you, too!

    • I hope to catch up with you on your next trip to Seattle – or if I come to Las Vegas!!

      In our ASG chapter you can go to a couple of neighborhood group meetings before you actually join to see if you like it. You might check them out by attending 1 or 2 different groups – sometimes they have varying interests – so if you are not into quilting for example you would not attend the meeting where most of the attendees are interested in that. Hope you find a local tribe to hang out with!!


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