Sewing, Upcycling, and Sanity!

Today I am so happy to welcome Vicky Myers to my series celebrating National Sewing Month. This wonderful gal is the creative brains behind Vicky Myers Creations, and she is one passionate lady about recycling and protecting our environment. Vicky sews LOADS of different things, and her goal is always to create her designs from 100% recycled materials. I love that about you, Vicky!

Celebrate National Sewing Month by Sew Maris

What does sewing mean to me?? So MUCH:)! In short I feel it keeps me sane, as a mum to two young children, with a part time job, husband and a bit of voluntary work it is my space. A chance to be me and explore/feed my creativity. Without crafting I would not have the same equilibrium in life.. it is a little addictive though (just don’t look at the state of cleanliness in our home!). There are many people who fed this creativity through my childhood – in particular two excellent teachers at school. Learning to dress make and use a sewing machine competently is down to one teacher in particular. It saddens me that children no longer get the same opportunities at school.

For a few years I neglected my creativity, to my detriment. However I don’t think my husband really appreciated what he was starting when he bought me a book for Christmas, all about creating bags out of upcycled materials! I think he wanted to help me get back into creating things, and the book was a real inspiration. Since then I have fallen in love with my sewing machine, and upgraded it! I started to create many different upcycled bags, as I increased in confidence creating my own designs and refashions. I ventured into blogging in theory to raise the profile of my Etsy shop – however I love blogging for it’s own sake.

Vicky Myers Creations for Sew Maris

As a result of blogging I have learned so many new skills, and not just technology and social media. I love this because I make items I would not necessarily have the confidence to sew before. Many pattern testers have supportive Facebook groups so I can ask questions if I get stuck or am not sure of a technique. Facebook groups have led to me to try making garments, I’m not sure why I had a stumbling block about sewing clothes before but I did.

I am passionate about the idea of transforming a former item into a whole new creation, giving it a new lease of life. I am overwhelmed with climate change, with the end of natural resources in sight. Being able to use old fabric, and clothes is important to me. It’s a small effort on my part to reduce landfill. I love to share my love of upcycling and sewing by making gifts for friends and family (they sometimes get other things too!). It is important for me to share my original ideas and regularly sharing tutorials to encourage creativity in others.

Vicky Myers Creations for Sew Maris

I value my creative journey, and look forward to seeing where it leads me in future – will I stay purely with sewing or will I branch out and finally learn some upholstery and woodwork skills?!

Thanks Maris for giving me the opportunity to share my passion for sewing and creating.

Vicky, thank YOU for your wonderful, inspiring story about why you love to sew. I hope you keep on sewing for many years to come!

Happy sewing!

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