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It is no secret that I love fabric, and that I love petting fabric of all types. I have a rather sizable <aka totally GI-normous-out-of-control) fabric stash that I have accumulated over the years from a variety of sources.  I do regular damage at my two beautiful local fabric stores, AND I also buy fabric online. I know, I know – some of you have resisted buying online – but I heartily endorse it.  I think one of the main reasons I fell in love with online fabric shopping is because of Linda Podietz, owner of She stocks the most gorgeous collection of fabric, and most importantly, offers screamingly awesome customer service. She’ll send you swatches, includes Pantone numbers for all her fabrics, offers garment suggestions, responds to email inquiries, and her packaging makes me feel like I just received a little Christmas present! So if you haven’t taken the online purchasing plunge, or haven’t heard about, I present to you today a guest post from Linda herself <swoon!!>.

Linda Podietz, owner of











Linda, tell us a bit about your sewing business, and also a bit about yourself. 
           I sell high quality fashion fabrics, and my market is mostly home sewists, dressmakers, designers, people who have custom clothes made, etc. We have customers all over the world, and I try to find fabrics that are beautiful, unusual, inspiring, and not readily available. I’ve been in the fabric-selling business for about 11 years, and I hope to continue for a long time!  The name of the company originates from my first business, a line of “upscale” childrens clothing, and it combines the names of my two (now grown) children, Emma and Aaron (AKA “One Sock” when he was a baby).  When I started selling fabric, I couldn’t bear to part with the name, so it has stuck all these years.  In a “former life”, I was classical musician, and have Bachelor and Masters degrees in piano performance.  I am finally getting back into playing again, now that my husband and I are new empty-nesters!  I am excited to revisit several dormant interests (music, art, sewing of course, gardening, cooking, etc) now that both kids are “launched”.  

Linda, what gets you excited about your business? Is there one thing that makes you jump out of bed every morning?
          Well…I guess my morning coffee gets me out of bed… ha ha… I love fabric, and I love owning my own business, so my work is mostly very enjoyable.  We do work long hours and it can sometimes be exhausting, but overall I feel very lucky to have a job that I like! It has been gratifying to watch the business grow over the years, and we have interesting, appreciative and loyal customers, many of whom I’ve gotten to know a bit through email exchanges.  My husband and I both are entrepreneurial types, so this business suits us very well, and luckily it has been successful (knock on wood!).

What is the next big thing you want to do with your business?
          The business has been growing organically, little by little each year, and I think that’s the best way to grow for any business.  Greed and overreaching are what makes businesses fail.  So, we have no big plans, just a long list of little improvements that will continue to make the buying experience more and more enjoyable for our customers.

Please complete the sentence, “If I had to do it all over again, I would……” 
          …not do anything differently!  Well, perhaps I would have listened to my husband’s advice and hired an assistant a lot sooner than 10 years into the business.  That would have allowed me more time for my kids as they were growing up. I was working about 14 hours a day for several years, but now I’m down to about 10-12.  I have always worked out of a home studio so it’s really not as bad as it sounds. Work has always mixed with life around here, and that seems to suit us.  I’m a bit of a control freak so it took a long time for me to allow an employee into the “circle of trust”, if I may quote a line from a funny movie! 

Please complete the sentence, “I wish I had more time to…..
          Sew, travel, play piano, garden, cook….. do artwork… read… meditate…. exercise… spend time with my family!

THANK YOU so much Linda, for sharing yourself and your story about If you want to know more about EmmaOneSock, check out I encourage you to bookmark the Daily Update on the homepage and join the mailing list so you can find out about special promotions and new fabrics.  Or you could just be like me and browse (and swoon!) thru her new fabric offerings every day at !

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to the face behind my favorite on line fabric shop! The offerings are so amazing that they have changed my sewing habits; I often find myself hunting for a pattern to match the fabric, instead of the other way around. I’m so happy to hear that Linda plans to run her shop for a long time to come!

  2. My sewing room is bulging at the seams primarily because of Linda – I live in a rural area and I just couldn’t get such great fabrics if not for EOS. Everything is nicely packaged although sometimes I can’t resist opening the package up to see the entire piece (like taking a pattern out of the envelope it never seems to fit back in the package as neatly).

    I appreciate the descriptions, the pantone numbers and the photos showing the drape of the fabric. I enjoyed reading her comments. Obviously, she and her husband have put of lot of work and love into the business.

    Thank you Linda!

  3. I’ve tried several well-known internet fabric sites and Linda’s is the only one I now use. Her descriptions and photos tell me everything I need to know before ordering and I’ve never been disappointed.

    Nice to know a little bit more about someone I love to do business with. Thanks for this post.

  4. I live within a fairly easy commute to NYC but it’s so much easier to buy from Linda. Linda’s excellent taste and good prices are largely responsible for my large stash. Well, that and poor impulse control when it comes to her gorgeous fabrics.

    • Hahaha – impulse control is for wimps, Nancy! I actually have heard that some people only buy enough fabric for one project, which they complete before buying more fabric. Where’s the fun in that?!?!

  5. I’m a fan, big-time! My wardrobe is unique because of the wonderful fabrics I get from EmmaOnesock. It’s true–the website is the best among on-line sources for quality and price of fabric and for Linda’s personalized touches in service. I could smother myself in fabulous fabrics if I didn’t exercise some restraint about ordering just because the items are beautiful. I refer many associates to Linda’s webpage–including sales persons in fabric stores when we talk shop.

  6. I’ve been a fan of Linda’s for years. Her fabrics are gorgeous. My favorite knit tops are made from her fabrics and my stash is full of gorgeous wools and even a wonderful Missoni knit from several years ago that’s going to finally become a garment this fall. Her service is always excellent. I love browsing her collection. Her website is my first go-to stop with my a.m. coffee. Linda rocks.

  7. Thank you so much for your column on EmmaOneSock! Linda is such a wonderful online retailer that it is a sincere pleasure dealing with her. She always gives such lovely, personalized service, and her fabrics never cease to enchant and energize. Plus, it’s just so delightful to receive those special bundles, beautifully wrapped with tissue paper as if they came from Tiffany’s.

    And her fabrics! “Awesome” just doesn’t begin to describe them. Lovely, scrumptious, astounding – pick a superlative, they all fit. They are absolutely the best prescription for good mental health and a happy, happy sewing hobby (and, for a fabric closet that just makes you smile every time you pet the fabrics).

    I’m not surprised to find that such wonderful service involves such long hours on Linda’s part, and I hope our enthusiastic patronage doesn’t burden her too much. She’s an international treasure, in my book.

  8. I’m an Aussie who discovered Emma Onesock as a reader’s recommendation in an English sewing mag that I borrowed from the library. Quite convoluted huh! lol I have bought some amazing and beautiful fabrics from Linda over the years and will continue to do so!!! Great customer service too and the best shipping prices.

  9. I love Linda and long ago told her I thought she was blond. Well, sort of. Having loved fabric all my life and sold a bit on eBay, I think Linda’s best gift is her ability to describe the weave, texture and feel of a fabric, even if it appears to be crocheted Italian bread wrappers! She has spoiled me for two other favorite fabric sites. Dear Linda, to quote a Spanish Army general: “May God keep you many years!”

  10. It’s been PURE PLEASURE dooing business with Linda for over five years. At this time and season ,when is great starvation for fancy fabrics in majorities of this country, she is the rescue for many people like I. Big thanks , so she unmasked a little about herself and the business. Yes Linda! May God bless you richly!

    Devoted customer-Elizabeth G.

  11. I love, love, love Linda and her fabrics. If she ever goes out of business, I swear I’ll have a nervous breakdown. She is simply the best!

  12. Just found your blog, great info.
    So glad to see the face behind the cute name. Linda is a wonderful e-tailer………..her fabrics are the best and the customer service is too! The panetone color guide takes the guess work out of color selection………….no mistakes. As you can tell, I’m an Emmaonesock ” groupie!

  13. Thanks, SewMaris, for providing us with this great opportunity to hear more from Linda Podietz of EOS. Having accumulated nearly an entire wardrobe as well as a full stash of Linda’s selections, I’ve clearly been hooked for some time now. I wholeheartedly agree with all of the superlatives offered here about her fabrics and customer service, and can’t imagine a vendor with higher quality, lovelier taste, more compelling enthusiasm, more helpful descriptions and photos, or more thoughtfulness in communications. EOS truly serves as the business model for all others to follow.

  14. I followed Linda’s newsletter link to your blog. It is fun reading about the woman behind one of my FAVorite fabric dream sites. Thanks for posting the interview. Now I’m off to browse through your blog!

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