Wallet pattern obsession, V2

A much improved V2 of my wallet-making obsession is finished and already in use!

Back view of finished wallet

Really, I think I am most excited about the back side of the wallet. I love how the D-rings look on that little strip of fabric, and they can be used to hook a wristlet as I have done here, or a longer strap could turn it into a cross-body bag. Options are important, right?

credit card slots in wallet
The inside may not look at much different at first glance, but the feel is very different. Adding the fusible batting to the back of the wallet and quilting it makes the wallet feel much sturdier and like a higher-quality item. No one wants to make something that feels chintzy, right?

Accordion pocket in completed wallet
The accordion pocket is the same, but the zipper pocket construction is different and better! I stitched one side of the zipper to the front wallet piece, attached a pocket to the “out” side of the zipper, and then topstitched the pocket piece onto the front wallet piece. Kinda hard to understand theoretically – maybe a wallet tutorial is on order – but trust me, it eliminates bulk and is very functional. I kept the D-ring in the side seam – now I just need to get an extra house key onto it! BTW, my cell phone fits in this pocket perfectly which means this wallet is perfect for quick trips when a purse-ful is not required. Awesome.

credit card slots in wallet
No change to the credit card pockets. They work fine as is, tho maybe could be tightened up a little. Did I show you the pocket behind that works for bills?

Pocket behind credit cards
I still think there are some tweaks that could improve this design even more. I want to try a heavier stiffener inside, or maybe 2 layers of the weight I did use. I think experimenting with this pattern is going to be fun, and I have plenty of gals who have expressed an interest in receiving one of these. As long as they have been good this year Santa just may leave one in their stocking!

Happy sewing!


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  1. Maris

    Somehow I stumbled upon your website, and your wallet pattern addiction hit a note with me.. Love that one you are holding with the d rings, accordion pockets, etc… Do you sell that pattern or are you working on the prototype? love it… Right now I am trying to figure out a larger wristlet with a self contained easy pocket of sorts for my first smart phone.

  2. Maris….I just found your blog through Amy of Sew Well and saw so many interesting projects, etc. Would you please set up a subscribe by email feature so I can get your posts? Would so appreciate it and am definitely interested in the wallet pattern. I would love to make a cross body bag from it. Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Maris,
    I was excited to see a mention of Seattle sewing on Claire’s Sewing Artistry blog this morning, and followed the trail to you. Recently retired, I’m just getting a sewing room set up. I haven’t sewn since I was young but am eager try my hand again at what used to be a great pleasure. I can’t seem to add your blog via Bloglovin, so would you please add me to your list. Thanks!

  4. I am interested in the wallet when it comes out. It would also be great to add a zipper compartment behind where you put the dollar bills. Would that be easy to incorporate into the pattern.

    I liked your advise for what to look for in purchasing a sewing maching. That would of been handy for me. But at did purchase a Bernina and glad I went with a upper quality.


    • Thank you Robin! I am a little behind in my pattern-making efforts – we had lots of family stuff going on the end of 2013. But am starting to work on all my patterns ideas now. Thanks for your interest and support! And congrats on your Bernina. They haven’t failed me in 43+ years of sewing!

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