Making a Memory quilt

A very dear woman contacted me last winter, and asked me to make a quilt from her late grandson’s clothing. I invited her to come to my house so we could talk about the project and design she had in mind. From the moment I met her, I was hooked. Not because I know much about quilting. Not because I know anything specifically about making a memory quilt. But because I am a mom, and she and her family had endured the greatest loss of all. The loss of a child.

The quilt is done, and I will be giving it to her tomorrow. It was an honor to make it for her family, and I hope it brings them a small amount of peace and healing.

Memory quilt

RIP dear James, you are very loved.


Maris Olsen

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  1. It is lovely! I have been getting a lot of requests for memory blankets and my mind is full of thoughts when I am working on it. It is an honor to create them and I believe they bring real comfort to the loved ones.

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