A simple repair

When I was a kid, my mom used to darn socks. I HATED wearing socks with the little patch of mending because it always felt funny against  my foot. While I would never mend a sock, I do try to repair clothing that is it still wearable.  I am not exactly cheerful about the process, because I consider it kind of “grunt work” sewing, but I do like keeping usable graments out of the landfill. (Exception: My DH’s old work clothes; the landfill is too good for some of those! 😉 )

Here’s a shot of a quick repair I did to one of my brother’s shirts. He loves this shirt, and the collar was beginning to show some signs of wear. I love it when I am challenged with figuring out a  quick and easy process for me, that still looks professional and like it may be part of the garment design.

Mended shirt collar
Decorative stitch applied across frayed shirt collar
What do you think of my mending job? Do you ever mend clothing? Do you have a different idea for mending shirt collars? I’d love to hear your thoughts!!
Happy sewing!
Maris Olsen

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