Sewing resolutions are….

…well, they are not for everyone.

I have tried them in the past. I have written lists of them. I have even reviewed them. Once, possibly twice throughout the year.

Why have I given up writing sewing resolutions?

Because even though teaching sewing is currently my profession, sewing is not work for me. Sewing is my joy. Sewing is my creative energy. It is how I express my love for my friends and family members. A custom-made shirt. A just-right twirly skirt. A law-office-appropriate knit dress.

So. I am in awe of all you spreadsheet-updating, image-Pinning, regular-reliable-documenting sewists. I do not have any resolutions for 2016. OK, maybe one. It would be great if I hemmed the living room curtains. They have been hanging for about five years. That seems long enough to settle the hem, right? 😉

Happy sewing!


4 Responses to Sewing resolutions are….

  1. This made me laugh because the curtains in our bedroom have been pinned up for years, and I just can’t muster the energy to hem them. There are so many other things I’d rather sew, and now that it’s been so long, I feel like we should buy new curtains. Ha ha!

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