Quick Tip Tuesday: Sew something FUN!

I am not making a big pile of 2015 resolutions, but I am spending some time this month thinking about my business and personal priorities. I am not ready to share everything yet, but one thing is super clear: I will be  sewing more for FUN this year. Making things that just tickle my fancy, and I encourage you to do more of the same.

How ’bout it? What do you want to sew, just because? Not necessarily for any good reason, other than bringing you joy. Oh. I think that IS a mighty good reason!

Happy sewing!


3 Responses to Quick Tip Tuesday: Sew something FUN!

  1. Don’t encourage me, Maris! I think I am sewing too much “fun”! 😀 I have a sleazy, ridiculous, puffy faux fur coat in the works… it’s RIDICULOUS. But FUN.

  2. I’m not sure what I consider fun sewing. It varies from day to day. I do plan to sew some quilts this year. I think that will be fun, as there are no deadlines whatsoever and I don’t have to worry about fit!

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