Friday Fail: EPIC Shirt Cuff Fail

Hahahaha! This was a LOL funny fail. Do you have any idea how many shirts I have made in my lifetime? LOTS, is the correct answer. On a new Archer shirt I am working onfinished, I dutifully marked the button and buttonhole placement on the cuffs. Turns out the button mark didn’t look all the different from my buttonhole mark. Right. You can see where this is going now, can’t you? Yep, I stitched up a lovely buttonhole on the WRONG side of the cuff. And yes, I cut through it before I noticed.

Misplaced buttonhole on shirt cuff (Friday Fail) by Sew Maris

What.A.Major.Dope. But it did make me burst out laughing at myself! 🙂

Wondering why I bothered adding a buttonhole on the correct side? Well, I had scheduled a photo shoot of the shirt the next morning, and thought maybe I could just hack the cuff together for the shoot. Who was going to notice, right? No close-ups! Well, 40 minutes later I had 2 new cuffs on my Archer shirt. Two?!? Yes, as drafted the cuffs would have fit around Godzilla’s wrists, so I was planning on replacing them after the photo shoot anyway. The buttonhole disaster just sped up the timeline. After a little “pattern liposuction”, I recut 2 new cuffs, stitched ’em on, and added buttonholes on the correct side of both cuffs. BAM!

Bet you didn’t do anything as funny as my buttonhole fail this week, now did you? Mwaaaah!

Happy sewing!



8 Responses to Friday Fail: EPIC Shirt Cuff Fail

    • Hahaha – I did think about that! But since they were WAY too big around my wrist anyway…seemed like a good excuse to just fix and be done. Happy Sewing Julie!

  1. I thought you were going to tell us that you started a new female cufflink trend…glad you were able to fix the trouble and have a good laugh too!

  2. Maris, I was thinking French Cuffs also. Sometimes, when in the zone, I’ll just keep on sewing. Before I know it, I’ve sewn things that weren’t meant to be sewn! And yes, the cuffs (and sleeves I found) are drafted quite large on that pattern.
    Brings to mind a young man, just out of college, behind the counter at the University Credit Union. I noticed (and kept to myself) that his French cuffs were held together efficiently, albeit not so attractively, by staples.

    • Hahaha, staples! I remember a guy I worked with years ago who had some contraption that attached a button onto clothing – sort of like those “guns” that shoot price tags into clothes at the store. I am amazed sometimes at the lengths that people will go to to avoid sewing!

      The “zone” – perfect description for what happens! Hope you have a great day sewing, Andrea!

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