Lycra – love it or hate it?

Lycra® (or spandex), is that wonderfully stretchy fiber added to lots of fabric and RTW clothing these days. It was originally developed by DuPont (now Invista) in 1958 as an alternative to rubber.

What do you think about the preponderonce of spandex in textiles these days? I used to be more of a fan, but have become less enamored lately. After some hours of lycra wearing time, I find myself getting a bit “twitchy and itchy”.  Spandex also requires special care – namely – no dryer time. Heat damages spandex, and in my non-scientific analysis, I think some fabrics with lycra wear faster even with careful handling (like jeans). That said, I do like the comfort of a bit of ease in my jeans, and I DO love me some Spanx®. I never buy wool or silk with lycra tho, I tend to be more of a purist for my “good” clothes. 🙂



How about you? Are you a lycra lover or hater? Or somewhere in the middle, like me?


Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

2 Responses to Lycra – love it or hate it?

  1. I’d say I’m somewhere in the middle. I hate in my jeans because you’re right, they wear out so fast! But I love that it is added to my maxi skirts 🙂

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