Going retro

Butterick 4919
I love the retro vibe, but I do not have many things in my closet that could be classified as vintage styling. I think I just might change that! I fell in love with this Butterick pattern, and decided it would be a fun dress to make and wear at the ASG Fashion Show. So I found some darling Betsy Johnson embroidered cotton black dot fabric that suited this pattern to a T, and made up a quick muslin of the top to check the placement of that V-neckline. It needed a little adjusting and I was all set.
Well, naturally life got in the way a little bit. The fashion show is a week from tomorrow, and I had no wearable dress! Yesterday became my scheduled “complete the dress or die” day. 🙂   
Here it is – minus the completed hem! Since the skirt is on the bias it needs to hang for a good 24 hours before I can mark it, so my plan is to get it marked tomorrow morning, and whip out a quick narrow hem just like the finish I did on the tie ends. Achievable, right? 😉 
Polka dot dress front - B4919
One of the things I liked about this pattern was the dress has a full back – which of course means I can still wear a bra but it looks like a halter-ish style from the front. And I double-heart the tie in the back! 


OK, maybe I didn’t get that tied very well, but you get the idea. A couple of long wrap around ends that cross in the front and then tie in the back. Cute, eh? 
Black polka dot dress back bow
Closeup of the bow on the black polka dot dress - B4919
And are these the perfect shoes for the dress or what?!? They might be “15 minute” shoes, but I will at least look good walking into the room. All I have to do is make it to my table and sit down for dinner. I can slip them off under the table if they are killers.
Peep toe beaded black shoes!
Now I wonder if I can get another dress or skirt done today….
Happy sewing!
Maris Olsen

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  1. ooh, I absolutely LOVE it Maris! It is so YOU and it looks just great in that material!! Very nice. Have fun ssowing it off!

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