FREE Pattern Giveaway Friday

It’s time some of you lovelies benefited from my overflowing pattern stash. Look at these 2 beauties! Both of these patterns are uncut and in their original envelopes. Vogue 1174 (OOP) includes sizes 12-14-16-18, and Vogue 1161 (OOP) includes sizes 14-16-18-20. Evidently I unfolded Vogue 1174 at one time (who knows why??), but I checked and all the tissue is uncut—just not in the factory folds. I think you can deal. Plus I’m also throwing in a pair of Somore scissors, and a package of assorted needles and a tape measure. You can always use extras of those, right?

This single giveaway package includes both patterns, the scissors, and the tape+needles. My sewing studio storage area thanks you, and so do my children. They are already worrying about what do do with all my sewing paraphernalia when I die. Erin, Ben, Paul and Katie—I do this for you!! 🙂

FREE Vogue pattern giveaway by Sew Maris

Leave me a comment no later than 9:00 a.m. Monday, April 28th – I want to hear where you plan to wear these dresses or what fabric you are dreaming of using. I will either pick randomly, or I might decide to pick my favorite comment – so be creative!

Happy sewing!




9 Responses to FREE Pattern Giveaway Friday

  1. I would wear these to the grocery store and look at other people judgmentally in the style of vintage Vogue fashion illustrations. “Those shoes with that skirt, please.” 😉

  2. I would wear the backless dress to my co-op board meetings explaining I have “nothing else to wear” and do my best to look proper and prim, making the parents in sweats and tshirts feel a little bit underdressed as they recognized the power of Ms Chair person. Also, I have some lovely rayon tan with black polka dots! Smashing combination.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! So generous!

  3. I <3 <3 the Rachel Comey Dress!!!!!! And my daughters would fall in love with the dress with a similar fabric!! Would love to make for both of my girls Sure hope to win. Thanks Sew Maris!!!

  4. I don’t have anything fabulously witty to say at the moment. But I would wear the heck out of 1174. Hopefully I’ll be graduated by the time I could sew it, so I can’t say I’d wear it to look fabulous under my lab coat. But I do have an impending move, and it would make the front seat of a Uhaul that much more elegant.

  5. At least you will die happy!! ha ha.
    I have a length of linen in a gorgeous shade of green I have been hoarding waiting for the perfect pattern.
    I would love to take the patterns off your hands and make my dream summer dress.

  6. I just found your blog from sew well Seattle. I love finding others in the Seattle area. The two of you showing District fabrics has now put a new store on my radar to find nicer fabrics than Jo Ann’s typical limited selection. I would love to win your patterns, I recently lost 35 lbs and still looking to build an interim wardrobe while I goal for my next weight loss goal. With a trip to London for my daughters graduation from college and a wedding for her best friend in August I could use both of these to success!:-)

  7. I’m going to Paris in July and plan on wearing all me-made clothes while I’m there. I would wear 1174 to picnic on the banks of Canal St Martin or dancing or dancing on the Left Bank Port St Bernard 🙂

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