Vintage Vogue 2090: The “Madeline” Coat

Both of my daughters LOVED the “Madeline” series by Ludwig Bemelmans when they were young girls. Well, my DGD shares some personality traits with the intrepid Madeline, so of course I had to make her a “Madeline” coat!

Vintage Vogue 2090 Madeline Coat by Sew Maris

This pattern is Vogue 2090, which is long out-of-print, but still available on Etsy and eBay. This pattern was produced back-in-the-day when patterns were “single size”, instead of the multi-sized patterns we are accustomed to today, so plan ahead when purchasing! I originally bought this pattern when Oona was an infant, in size 3, so there was a some grading required to use it for my now-5-year-old DGD!

Vintage Vogue 2090 Madeline Coat by Sew Maris

One of the perks of being a grandmother is I pay no attention to practicality. A wool coat for a child who will likely grow out of it in a single season. Pffft! Who cares! 🙂 I don’t pay attention to how much garments for her cost, I only spend my time sewing things that we both like; and she loves this coat. When I was a young mother, a wool coat would have been reserved for church and special occasions, but I love that Oona wears Madeline coat to pre-school, the playground, and shopping. Why let something hang in the closet just to be outgrown?.


As mentioned, this coat is made from wool flannel that I had in my stash. It was not particularly heavy, so I underlined the entire garment in cotton flannel to add warmth. The pattern also did not call for a lining, so I drafted one because I knew the lack of a slippery lining would be a non-starter. Who likes pulling unlined coat sleeves off, anyway?

Vintage Vogue 2090 Madeline Coat by Sew Maris

Many sewists think making a wool coat is a big undertaking. Well, it can be, but this coat was easy and went together quickly. Of course, I made it more time-consuming by adding flannel underlining and a rayon Bemberg lining, but it was worth the extra effort.

Vintage Vogue 2090 Madeline Coat by Sew Maris

Don’t you love the capelet? Oona does!

Vintage Vogue 2090 Madeline Coat by Sew Maris

My DGD loves all things “golden”, so of course I used shiny gold for the front closure, as well as the decorative-only sleeve buttons.

Vintage Vogue 2090 Madeline Coat by Sew Maris Vintage Vogue 2090 Madeline Coat by Sew Maris Vintage Vogue 2090 Madeline Coat by Sew Maris

As you can see, this coat is not at all restrictive! Tree-climbing, twirling, and jumping are all possible!

Vintage Vogue 2090 Madeline Coat by Sew Maris

Somebody could be a pouty runway model, at age 5, right?

I had so much fun making this coat I already have another planned in fuschia linen for Easter. I am going to combine a couple of patterns for that garment, and I think I will leave it unlined just to see how that works for a spring/summer coat.

Have you ever made a wool coat for a child? What was your favorite coat pattern for a child?

Happy sewing!




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  1. Adorable!! I so wish I had a grand-daughter to sew for! My own “Nana” and mother made several coats for me when I was young. They became family heirlooms passed along to cousins, and lost. They do live on in my memories, and in photos. Keep the tradition alive!

    • Thank you so much Lynn! I had a great time making this, and am just thrilled she loves wearing it. I hope we do get to pass it on to others! (and I hope you get to sew for a granddaughter someday – it’s the best!)

  2. Adorable. In the late 70’s I made that coat for my daughter. Always loved it. Unfortunately the pattern is long gone but not the memories.

  3. I wish I had read this before I made light woollen polyester lined capes for granddaughters aged 5 and 7 combining 2 old patterns. I will certainly try to find your pattern on eBay. It would be perfect.

  4. I just found your blog, checked out a few of your posts….and I will be following from here on out! Yes, I made a Madeleine coat for my daughter when she was about the same age (she is 25 now). I LOVE that First Choice boxers pattern and have made several pairs over the years for both my son (now 26) and daughters. And I just ordered my second set of labels from the Dutch Label Shop – this set to put on my hand knitted items – as I had been so happy with the set I ordered years ago for my sewn things. So after those 3 stars aligned, I knew you and I were sympatico and I would enjoy your posts. I have a good bit of catching up to do since I just found you 🙂 Thanks for writing!

  5. Great coat and beautiful granddaughter. I made a faux fur black and white cow hide coat for my daughter when she was around four or five. I made it a bit big and she ended up getting several years out of it. It was lined and had black fur collar and cuffs. She loved wearing it.

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