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A Kids Sew Camp for Classmates

It’s happening again! Another crazy-fun Kids Sew Camp this week, and this one has been a blast from day 1. Our projects for the week are a color-banded gathered skirt, an infinity scarf, and yet-to-be-made pajama pants. And keep in mind most of these young ladies have barely any sewing hours under their belts.

Kids Sew Camp with Sew Maris

Oops. How am I going to ask Miss Maris my question with all this string cheese in my mouth?

Kids Sew Camp with Sew Maris

A small dance party might have happened sometime this week. 🙂

Kids Sew Camp with Sew Maris

Miss C! You are one crazy-straight stitcher!! Seriously UH-mazing work, darling!

Kids Sew Camp with Sew Maris

Check out the ADORBS skirts and infinity scarves these 3 cuties finished up today. And Miss C, I just love that big, proud smile on your face!!

Kids Sew Camp with Sew Maris

Sewing takes con-cen-tray-shun!

Kids Sew Camp with Sew Maris

PUH-leeze! More agua, por favor!

Kids Sew Camp with Sew Maris

Hmmm. Is this the best square for my quilt design?

Just before heading home for the afternoon, we gathered outside for a quick fashion shoot. Thank goodness our Seattle weather is cooperating!

Kids Sew Camp with Sew Maris

Sister! Your scarf!

Kids Sew Camp with Sew Maris

Six proper young lovelies all lined up in a row and primped for photos.

Kids Sew Camp with Sew Maris

Starting to work it now…..

Kids Sew Camp with Sew Maris

Hahahaha! Losing it!

Nothing warms my heart like sewing with these young ladies. We’ve had a barrel of fun so far, and I’m pretty sure they learned a few things about operating a sewing machine. Now just to get those PJs finished up tomorrow!

Happy sewing!






Changing the world….one girl at a time

Learning to sew is a life-changing experience for some girls. Not because it is another excuse for shopping, or wearing pink, or filling their time with a “feminine domestic arts”. But because sewing is empowering. You will learn how to solve problems. You will learn to persevere even when things go wrong. You will learn to apply critical thinking skills to a construction project. You will learn to operate, and master, a power tool.

Don’t believe me? Well, just take a look. You will see concentration. Focus. Perseverance. Joy. Pride. Empowerment. And much more.








Tomorrow you will see some final projects from this week’s Kids Sew Camp attendees. But watching the process is what rocks my world.

Happy sewing!


Parent Map Camp Fair!

Eeeck! I am a vendor at the Parent Map camp Fair this year. It seemed like I ought to advertise my Kids Sewing Camps a little better this year since I love doing them so much, so I am going to give it a go and see what happens.  There will be lots of vendors there promoting camps for a wide range of interests and ages, so if you want some fresh ideas on how best to get the kids out of your hair enrich your children’s learning this summer, stop by and say HI. (And BTW – St. Thomas is located at 8300 NE 12th St in Medina. Be there!)


Warm and stylish dolls

Kids Sew Camp time again! It has been really cold lately in our beautiful Pacific Northwest, and some little dollies have been shivering and complaining of exposure.

The little fake fur jackets should help keep them toasty! Dang, those coats were so stinkin’ cute I wanted to sit down and whip one up for myself. And the earmuffs made the outfit.


This little gal was all business all day long. I am pretty sure the studio could have fallen down around her and she would have sewn on. And Monday was <almost> her first experience using a sewing machine.


I guess my instructions on sewing up the black stretch velvet leggings were just not that enthralling. Hey girls, look back at the TEACHER–I might actually be telling you something IMPORTANT! 😉


Okay, that’s a little better. Maybe I need to practice my delivery a little. Add a few jokes? 😉


Working with fake fur was definitely challenging, and there were a few moments when minor “course correction” had to be applied to either the garment or a machine.



Proud sewists, and happy dollies!



Officially of course, the theme of the day was American Girl doll clothes. What actually transpired was much more significant than a few small garments. Girls learning to master a power tool. Creating something with their own hands. Designing something of their own imagination. Love helping facilitate all that awesomeness!

Happy Sewing!

Maris Olsen

Holiday Spirit Sewing Camp 2012

Chartiy sewing prep

It all started with a pile of fabric.

A very generous pile of fabric it was too; much of it donated by Pam Fricke of Bug Fabric in Redmond. Cut into pillowcases and sundresses, the pretty cloth from Pam was ready to be stitched up. Next, the girls arrived and sewing machines were set up, threaded, and stitch quality was checked. And then those eager little hands and big hearts started using their creative gifts to give back to children in need.

I love your concentration A – this looks like serious business!


R seamed a sundress for Dress a Girl Around the World, and is hemming the dress below. Nice job, eh?


M is carefully adding shiny gold binding to the armholes for the cute tie straps.

MW_Binding a Dress

Look at these big-hearted girls!  Pillowcases and sundresses, some embroidered with  pretty stitches; all for other kids. These three chatted, ate, giggled, and had plenty o’fun throughout the day.

Pillowcases and sundresses

The obligatory goofy pix!

Silly sewing girls

It was a great kids sew camp. I got to spend the day sewing with three really special kids, and we all made some cute items that other kids will appreciate. Thanks for all you did, M, R, and A – you rocked it!!

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen