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Sewing As Therapy

Today you are going to hear from a very special lady, Deby Coles from So Sew Easy. If you haven’t met her yet (can that even be possible?), you are in for a treat. Her story about how she got into sewing is definitely unique, but her passion for this craft will resonate with all of you, I’m quite sure. Thanks for sharing, Deby!

Celebrate National Sewing Month by Sew Maris


I’m delighted to write a little for Maris about “Why Sewing Is Important to Me”, for National Sewing Month. There are many reasons people of all ages take up sewing, and even more reasons why people love doing it. My own reason for sewing may be a little more unusual but the benefit I receive from it I know I share with many others, because many have written and told me their sewing stories in response to my own.

A little over 2 years ago now I had a stroke. The usual kind where you are affected both physically and mentally, but thanks to my age and otherwise good health, I was soon back up on my feet again. The worst effects for me were mentally and I lost a lot of my memory, forgot people, places, events, how to drive, even how to do my job. My short term memory and concentration were shot. I was confused a lot of the time, but there was one thing I was not confused about – I NEEDED to sew. It was all I could think about.

This was a rather odd compulsion seeing I had never sewn before, but a friend kindly lent me her machine, I rummaged around and bought some fabric remnants and I started to sew. Obsessively. From the very first time I sat at a machine with a piece of fabric, I started to write about it. I needed to document my journey, and keep a record of what I was learning, afraid I would forget it all again. I never expected my online diary to ever be found or read, but from the very beginning people began to leave me messages and feedback, and words of encouragement for my sewing projects.

I was hooked. My love of sewing and the So Sew Easy site were here to stay.

So Sew Easy Collage

Over the last couple of years I’ve ‘met’ many others through my site who sew for various therapeutic reasons. It’s calming, repetitive, there are instructions to follow, projects to work on whether they are 30 minutes or 30 hours. The rat-tat-tat of the sewing machine breaks the silence of a quiet home. Sewing has something for everyone, for every level of expertise, whether you sew for you, for family and friends, for charity or for a living.


But sewing isn’t just good for you. It can be good for those around you too or for those you have never even met. In the last year, the So Sew Easy readers have helped others with their efforts. For example, we teamed together to fund a loan for a lady in Tajikistan so she could buy a new sewing machine and set up in business to support her family. Within a couple of hours of my posting about it, the So Sew Easy readers had funded her loan! I hope our interest in sewing helped to improve her life. There are a lot of women looking for support with their home-based sewing business all around the world. Please support them with a small loan if you can. Kiva will even give you money to loan when you sign up.

Many also took part in a charity sewing project, sewing tote bags for those newly diagnosed with newly diagnosed with cancer. MJ of MJ’s Lost Cause wrote about the story of her diagnosis and the hand-made bag she received from the hospital with her information, a journal and a few simple gifts to make life a little easier. Again the So Sew Easy readers rose to the challenge and supported her efforts and in the end she received more than 550 bags!

Free patterns collage

So I like to think that at So Sew Easy we are more than just people who share a love of sewing. It’s a site where people support each other, chat in the comments, solve each other’s sewing dilemmas in the Readers Questions feature – and more. I’m keen to introduce more people to the joys of sewing and share lots of free sewing patterns, projects and sewing tutorials every month. Why not drop in and say hi? I’d love to see you!

photo credit: fishin widow via photopin cc


Deby, you are an inspiration in every way. Thank you so much for sharing your story today, and I know our paths will continue to cross!

Happy sewing!


The Need to Create

Today I want you to meet a wonderfully talented young woman, Terri, who blogs at Crooked Whimsy. As a busy mom to a young daughter, you might be able to imagine that squeezing in sewing time is tough! You will get more time in the years to come, Terri – I promise! In the meantime, puh-leeze keep on sewing!



Sewing has always been an important part of my life.


My grandmother sewed, embroidered, and crocheted, among other creative ventures.  I remember running my fingers over her colorful embroidered pieces with admiration, as well as other detailed handiwork that she’d patiently crafted over the years.  I always hoped I could create such beautiful garments and pieces of art like she had for her family and their home.


I recall using a needle and thread for the first time at a Brownie meeting when I was in the second grade.  We were in our school’s cafeteria, sewing little pillows, and mine was a crooked red stuffed heart.  Despite its many flaws, I was so proud of it, and after that experience, I was hooked.  Eventually I started hand stitching clothing for my Barbies and Cabbage Patch dolls.  I loved the feeling of making something out of fabric and thread.  It was so satisfying, and the possibilities seemed endless.


I didn’t use a sewing machine for the first time until my early twenties.  When my grandmother passed away, she left me her all-metal Singer 500A AKA The Rocketeer, and I quickly printed a manual from the Web and taught myself how to operate it. I made a few handbags and loved being able to use something I’d created by myself.


A few years ago I made my first quilt.  I had wanted to attempt the task for a while, but I was simply too intimidated.  Finally, I purchased a quilt kit from JoAnn Fabrics and hand stitched it in its entirety, including the quilting.  It took me forever, but I was so excited to gift it to a family member who was having a baby girl…such a rewarding feeling!


When I discovered I was pregnant with my first child nearly two years ago, I quickly sewed plenty of bibs, burp cloths, and blankets for my little bundle of joy.  And since she arrived last fall I have attempted to make her garments for the first time…pretty floral dresses and whimsical rompers.


While self-taught, I’m constantly learning from my mistakes.  Sewing has always been my escape.  It brings me calm, but also challenges me.  There’s always something new to try…a new quilt block, a new skill, a new pattern.


Sewing allows me to quiet my worries, to slow my racing thoughts.  It offers me an opportunity to turn an idea into a reality, to bring it to fruition.



Since I became a mom, I rarely have the time to do much sewing.  But I still try to squeeze it in during those late night hours when my little one is sound asleep and I’m fighting to keep my eyes open.


I welcome every opportunity to create with a needle and thread because it’s like hanging out with an old friend who knows exactly what you need.


Terri, thank you so much for taking the time to share your story with my readers! You will live through this stage of parenting, and before you know it you will have loads more time on your hands. And sewing might become even more important then!


Happy sewing!



It’s Just Fabric

Today you get to learn a bit about Maria from the land of Oz, known in the blogging world as Velosewer  This gal has some crazy-good sewing skills, and I always appreciate hearing what she has to say on my own sewing adventures. So let’s hear it from Maria!

Celebrate National Sewing Month by Sew Maris


I sew.
I’ve always sewn.
I love to sew.
And I love to sew most clothing. And the funny thing is, I don’t stress about sewing projects anymore.
It’s just fabric.

Oh – and I ride my bike when I can.

A few years ago, I heard some local sewist say they were concerned about how sewing becoming a ‘lost  craft’. Well, thanks to the web that’s not an issue anymore. There are so many creative crafters on the web sharing their experiences everyday.


I’m school taught and then got a degree to be a home ec teacher, and I have always loved face-to-face sewing classes when they’re available. Mum knitted and her mother crocheted. That’s my heritage.

Now, I Google what I’m looking for or ask other sewists for advice – in any part of the world. How good is that?

In Australia we now have three Spoolette groups in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, so sewing isn’t a lost craft.

Once I’ve finish a sewing project, I share it on my blog. Many people have helped me with my sewing so I share what I know to pass this knowledge on. Sharing is caring.

I have a little sewing library that keeps me company. The new Simplicity sewing book from way back is my ‘go-to’ book for techniques as well as the Palmer Pletsch books and Sandra Betzina’s books. Winifred Aldrich Metric pattern drafting, Enid Gilchrist Teenagers and small women and Pattern Magic series are my pattern drafting books. For fitting, I use ‘the red book’ especially when I collaborate with fellow sewists.

My main sewing commitment is my Minerva Crafts projects. I’m part of the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network – a collection of amazing bloggers from across the world – and when I visited Minerva in the UK, I realized how unique it is to be part of a global network of crafters. The Minerva Crafts family are three generations of crafters and they are totally supportive of everyone’s creativity. Their support can’t be beat. This creative support drives my own creativity.


Mr V’s is used to my meeting sewing bloggers when we travel. I love catching up with sewing bloggers anywhere and he encourages me to do this. Meeting sewing bloggers gives him time to do his own sight-seeing.

Pattern testing for others is something that makes me feel I’m contributing in a different way. I’m happy to help sew new patterns, proof their instructions, or simply check their English translations. Helping others gives me a unique insight into their creativity. I also learn construction techniques that I wouldn’t have tried on my own bat.

I’m a sewing consumer so I’ll sew projects from any pattern line as long as it meets my needs, too.

Each pattern testing project is similar but different. I have pattern tested for Iconic patterns, Amity of Lolita patterns, Marie of Seamster patterns, Deepika of PR, Erin of Seamstress Erin, Rachel of House of Pinheiro, Melissa of Fehr Trade, Pauline of PaulineAlice patterns. I do each project in my own time as I work full time for a company I love, so I pattern test for fun.

I also check the English translation for Sacotin patterns. Vero of Sacotin bag patterns provides her patterns in French and in English. If you buy an English  Sacotin pattern and the spelling or the grammar isn’t right – blame me! Vero’s English is much better than my French. I tried using Google translate and I’ve stopped doing that.  #embarrassing.

What I love the most is working on a new creation with inspiring designers and assisting their creative process.


I love making complex projects. Projects like coats and jeans always seemed complex but now I love making them. My next challenges are to make my own ‘smalls’. That’s a scary thought for me.

The other real life sewing goal was to keep making clothes for Mum as her care needs increase but her dementia has progressed and this challenge has meant less sewing and more time just sitting together and having a cup of tea with her.

Matching fabrics to patterns that work on me is a bit edgy. Bound buttonholes and welt pocket are a challenge and I haven’t worked my way to making bras yet, but I will.

Pattern Review is my go-to site to checking out the quality of patterns either before I buy them or when I’m about to use a new pattern. Managing sewing contests for PR has been fun and I’ve learned about new and different sewing aspects through these contests, too. The Vintage contest made me love vintage patterns and styles. So much that I contacted Lara Nash at Sew Chic Patterns and she gave me two of her patterns to review.

So you see, I’m actually sewing with lots of sewists all the time!


Maria, thank you so much for sharing your story with my readers. I know how much I have benefitted from your wisdom and generosity, and I hope your “sewing circle” continues to expand and grow!

Happy sewing!


5 Reasons Why I Sew

Today I am super excited to share one of my favorite sewing friends with you! I first met Deanna at The Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City last year, and despite the miles that separate us now, we manage to “talk” online nearly every day. This lady knows how to get real.

Celebrate National Sewing Month by Sew Maris

Thanks Maris, for inviting me to share why I sew! I’m Deanna, and I blog at Sew McCool.

When I was a child, I wanted nothing to do with sewing.

I remember long (well, seemingly long) trips with my mom to the local fabric store. The drawers of patterns, the books…it was all so boring to me.

Sewing seemed like something only “moms” did. And I wanted to be so much more than a mom. I was going to change the world somehow…some way…something that didn’t involve staying home and doing something as drab as sewing.

(sorry Mom.)

I’d love to say I had some deep, life-long desire to create garments and quilts, but as I mentioned, that’s simply not true. The sewing bug didn’t hit me until my later 20s.

So…..why do I sew now? You know, beyond simply liking it?

5 reasons why I sew - for

Here are 5 reasons I sew. Do you have any in common with me?

1. I minored in art in college, where I drew lots of nude figures. After college, I couldn’t convince random strangers to strip for me so that I could draw them…so I needed a new hobby.

Okay…I’ll be honest…I never asked anyone to do that. ‘Cuz I’m a little quirky but I’m not a freak. Asking people to strip so you can draw them is weird. Most of the time. I think. Right?

2. I really suck at any sport that involves catching, hitting, or throwing a ball, but I still love doing something fun with a group of friends.

Team sports? Not me. I have zero depth perception. Or maybe it’s just poor eye-hand coordination. Or something.

(Though I’m not bad at ping pong because I played a lot of that in college.)

Sports camps? No way! A quilt retreat? I’m there, baby.

3. I’m a bit of a control freak.

Can’t always control my kids. Can’t control my husband (why won’t he splurge for that diamond necklace anyway?) And my new dog peed on a $72 pattern grading textbook when I wasn’t looking.

But fabric? Yeah, baby. I can control that. Sometimes we think we can’t…but we can. I can match points in a quilt top, topstitch with precision (well, much of the time), and press a crisp seam until it sings. And if I do it wrong? I can take it apart and start over.

By the way, I’m still trying to get the odor out of my grading books, since it smells like dog urine (it’s in a bag with baking soda. Fingers crossed). Pass along any suggestions if you have them. Please. “Eau de canine urine” is not my perfume of choice.

4. Sewing is my form of therapy.

I know many of us feel this way. In my case….I have a family member with a mental illness that has been at times maddening, and at other times, heartbreaking. Apparently there’s no card for, “sorry so-and-so has been been in a mental health facility for a week.” I assume there isn’t such a card, because no one who knew about the hospitalization sent one.

(Get on it, Hallmark, okay? You usually find the words when others can’t. And no one seems to have the proper words for discussing mental illness.)

I’m not much of a drinker, and I wouldn’t steal this family member’s meds. And I don’t feel like spending an evening a week talking about these issues in a “sharing” setting, because I’d rather not think about them all the time. So when I feel a little sad, or even feel a little sorry for myself, I either sew, work with ribbon, or run. (not run away, mind you….though I’ve considered it…just, you know, “run.”)

5. I like to show off.

This is a little hard to admit, but don’t we all want to show off – just a little? C’mon. I’m sure a part of you likes to show off. Since I can’t play basketball in front of a cheering crowd, why not show off an outfit I made for myself or one of my daughters? I like compliments. I don’t need them always…but now and then, yeah. It feels good when someone says, “You MADE that????”…and they mean it in a good way.


Thanks Deanna, for sharing the story of your sewing journey. I can’t wait to see what you are going to create next!

Happy sewing!



Deanna McCool writes for If you enjoyed this post, you’ll enjoy reading 6 things never to say to someone who sews. To make sure you don’t miss a fun post, please follow SewMcCool by e-mail or check out SewMcCool on Facebook.


Sewing With Confidence

Today I want you to meet wonderful Sally, the creative energy behind Sally Bee Makes. How this busy young mom finds time to sew and blog is beyond me, but I am glad she shares her journey with us all!

Celebrate National Sewing Month by Sew Maris



Pssst! Sally made the Style Arc Ziggi jacket below in the my Ziggi Sew-Along earler this year. I think she did an awesome job, don’t you? Now let’s hear from Sally!


Crafting has been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember.  School holidays were spent learning knitting, cross stitch, quilling and all sorts from my Mum and Gran.  Sewing was one of the few things we didn’t do, so I’m not sure what it was that planted the seed in my head but I knew that when my Mum asked me if there was anything special I would like for my 21st birthday there was only one answer: a sewing machine.  After all these years it is still the best present I have been given.

It started off practically – I was fed up of being unable to find clothes that fitted and that I liked, but it took me a while before I started wearing the things I made, not because they weren’t very good (I still wear the first skirt I made) – they weren’t great but they were wearable.  It was all down to confidence, or rather my lack thereof.

My already low confidence took a big hit when I became a mum.  I was at home alone with my daughter most days, I was exhausted, wrapped up in looking after Faith, and, let’s face it, mostly smelled of baby sick!  I lived in jeans and whichever top was least unclean.  As such I had neither the time nor inclination to sew.

It was arranging Faith’s christening that got me back into it.  I was determined to make her gown and it was the best thing I could have done.  The gown was far from perfect but she looked perfect in it, and it was that which made me realise that it doesn’t matter that things aren’t perfectly sewn, no one sees all the mistakes I see and they probably wouldn’t care even if they could.  What matters is that I like them and feel good in them.


Once I’d got over that hurdle there was no stopping me.  I began sewing whenever I could, I started wearing the clothes I made more often and I began to feel like me again.

As for perfect sewing, I’m still working on it – I feel like I’ve come on leaps and bounds over the past few years, mainly thanks to picking up tips from sewing blogs.  Seven years ago when I was sewing my first skirt, I could never have imagined I would be sat in front of that same machine making silk bridesmaid dresses for my sisters wedding and feeling completely calm and confident in my abilities to make something so special.

Why is sewing important to me?  Well, without it I would be one stressed out, unhappy mum but with it I have the confidence to be me and I think that’s the most perfect thing about it.

Sally, thank you so much for sharing your story and why sewing matters to you. Your daughter Faith is lucky to have you as a creative role model, and you get the fun of making special garments and memories just for her. Keep on sewing!

Happy sewing!



Do I love sewing? It’s complicated…

Today I am so happy to welcome Heather Beckley, much better known as the KnittingNBee, to my series celebrating National Sewing Month. This awesome lady will make you LAUGH OUT LOUD every time you read her HI-larious Handmade by Heather B blog. And of course, meet Froggie. Just don’t be fooled by all her foolin’ around. This gal is a pro, and knows her stuff. Take it away, KnitNBee!

Celebrate National Sewing Month by Sew Maris

I’ve got a dirty little secret to admit……come closer, I don’t want Maris to hear……. I don’t love sewing. Gasp! Wait, wait, before you get out your stabbing scissors, let me go on. While I’m currently looking to hire a team of oompa loompas to do my pressing and seam ripping, there are plenty other things related to sewing that make me squeal with glee.

1. Buying fabric. Fabric, sweet fabric, you are the yin to my yang. Let’s hold each other and make wonderful plans for the future. You’re gonna be a coat, and you’re gonna be a fancy dress, and you luxurious silk will sit in my stash forever to be petted and cooed over. “Who’s mommy’s precious? You are!” I don’t even feel that guilty about the stuff that permanently sits in my stash. It’s part of a delicious treasure trove there to inspire me whenever I crack open the stash cave door. I’d probably buy fabric even if I didn’t sew, but that might lead to a few awkward explanations.

Fabric stash by KnitNBee for Sew Maris

2. Buying patterns. The planning companion to my fabric stash which also fills me with joy. I love hunting for them throughout the internet. Sometimes they are wily and hide in unknown web pages. Other times they jump into my blog feed yelling, “Take a look at me!” I carefully make my selections and then wait for them to arrive at my house, so I can stroke their envelopes and sniff their card stock. Mmmmm, tissue paper. PDF patterns are also wonderful purchases. I like to think of them as a giant puzzle of sewing awesomeness waiting to be unlocked. Bring me my glue and my iPod oompa loompas. Mama’s got some assembly to do.

By KnitNBee for Sew Maris

3. Figuring out fit problems….sometimes. Let’s forget about the times when fitting is an unsolvable puzzle and you want to burn it with fire. I’m talking about when I actually figure out a fit problem that has been confusing me for a day or two. All of a sudden an idea pops into my brain. “Eureka, that just might work!” Quickly the adjustment is tested out in a muslin and low and behold the problem is solved. YES! I throw my hands into the air feeling like the supreme badass of fitting! The sewing minions put on “Eye of the Tiger” and I pretend to run up the Art Museum steps. But not really cuz who has time for that crazy amount of cardio.

KnitNBee for Sew Maris

4. Talking to people about patterns, fabric, finished garments, etc. Hello, my name is Heather and I am a sewing junkie, now let’s talk garments! Are you getting to the point that you’d rather dispense with talking to people who know nothing about sewing? I am! Thanks to technology I can fill my day discussing patterns and garments with people all over the world similarly addicted to sewing. I can’t tell you the amount of housework I’ve blown off thanks to Twitter. I regret nothing. Sewing friendships also mean I can finally be a bad influence with my pattern/fabric pushing tendencies. Muhaaaa! I always wanted to be a bad girl, at last my dreams have been fulfilled. Now, pass me that pink ladies jacket cause I gotta go hang out with Frenchie.

By KnitNBee for Sew Maris

5. Slipping on a new garment. Is there anything better than putting on a shiny new garment? I submit that there is not. Admittedly, I’m a product seamstress rather than a process one, so wearing a newly sewn garment is the ultimate high. A high that needs to be duplicated on a regular basis. Better fire up the sewing machine cause I’m starting to get the withdraw shakes.

KnitNBee for Sew Maris

OK, maybe I don’t really dislike sewing after all. It’s greatly enriched my life in many ways, most importantly through friendships with lovely people. I also have a closet full of kick ass clothes that makes me feel pretty smug. Still looking for that seam ripping team of oompa loompas though. Call me, I have chocolate.

Oompa Loompas by KnitNBee for Sew Maris

Now Heather, what I REALLY want to know is where does the mother of a toddler actually WEAR all the beautiful dresses you make? I could never get out of jeans + Lands End cotton sweaters when my kids were small. I bow to you, oh supreme goddess of all the beautiful dresses in the universe! 🙂

Happy sewing!


Sewing, Upcycling, and Sanity!

Today I am so happy to welcome Vicky Myers to my series celebrating National Sewing Month. This wonderful gal is the creative brains behind Vicky Myers Creations, and she is one passionate lady about recycling and protecting our environment. Vicky sews LOADS of different things, and her goal is always to create her designs from 100% recycled materials. I love that about you, Vicky!

Celebrate National Sewing Month by Sew Maris

What does sewing mean to me?? So MUCH:)! In short I feel it keeps me sane, as a mum to two young children, with a part time job, husband and a bit of voluntary work it is my space. A chance to be me and explore/feed my creativity. Without crafting I would not have the same equilibrium in life.. it is a little addictive though (just don’t look at the state of cleanliness in our home!). There are many people who fed this creativity through my childhood – in particular two excellent teachers at school. Learning to dress make and use a sewing machine competently is down to one teacher in particular. It saddens me that children no longer get the same opportunities at school.

For a few years I neglected my creativity, to my detriment. However I don’t think my husband really appreciated what he was starting when he bought me a book for Christmas, all about creating bags out of upcycled materials! I think he wanted to help me get back into creating things, and the book was a real inspiration. Since then I have fallen in love with my sewing machine, and upgraded it! I started to create many different upcycled bags, as I increased in confidence creating my own designs and refashions. I ventured into blogging in theory to raise the profile of my Etsy shop – however I love blogging for it’s own sake.

Vicky Myers Creations for Sew Maris

As a result of blogging I have learned so many new skills, and not just technology and social media. I love this because I make items I would not necessarily have the confidence to sew before. Many pattern testers have supportive Facebook groups so I can ask questions if I get stuck or am not sure of a technique. Facebook groups have led to me to try making garments, I’m not sure why I had a stumbling block about sewing clothes before but I did.

I am passionate about the idea of transforming a former item into a whole new creation, giving it a new lease of life. I am overwhelmed with climate change, with the end of natural resources in sight. Being able to use old fabric, and clothes is important to me. It’s a small effort on my part to reduce landfill. I love to share my love of upcycling and sewing by making gifts for friends and family (they sometimes get other things too!). It is important for me to share my original ideas and regularly sharing tutorials to encourage creativity in others.

Vicky Myers Creations for Sew Maris

I value my creative journey, and look forward to seeing where it leads me in future – will I stay purely with sewing or will I branch out and finally learn some upholstery and woodwork skills?!

Thanks Maris for giving me the opportunity to share my passion for sewing and creating.

Vicky, thank YOU for your wonderful, inspiring story about why you love to sew. I hope you keep on sewing for many years to come!

Happy sewing!

The Story Behind Why I Sew

Today I am so happy to welcome Beata Lenarciak, owner and designer of Red Point Tailor, to my series celebrating National Sewing Month.  Beata lives and creates in The Netherlands, and is truly a fantastic couture seamstress. In addition to her beautiful garments, she also makes amazing jewelry and fashion accessories. But let’s hear more about her sewing story!

Celebrate National Sewing Month by Sew Maris

Why I sew—it is so obvious for me however difficult to explain. Sewing was always around me; it was and still is part of my life. It is my passion (next to sailing)—my retreat.

Red Point Tailor on Why I Sew for Sew Maris

Let’s start from the beginning though …

My grandfather was a men’s tailor and thanks to him my mother and my aunt (older sister of my mother) were very creative as well. None of them sewed professionally though. My mother was more about knitting then sewing, so my sister and I always had very modern sweaters, gloves, caps, etc. After my mother bought her first sewing machine then my sister and I started to sew for good. My mother taught us small couture techniques she learned from her father, which I am still using. It was fabulous feeling and seeing the pieces of  fabric transformed into a wearable top or a skirt. We were so fashionable.

Having this experience I decided to gain more knowledge in this direction. Thus I studied sewing techniques for 5 years—my specialty was knitted fabrics, even though I did not proceed with my career in this direction (as mother as daughter). Still, I did not break with sewing—opposite—I kept making clothing for myself and my family.

Making my own garments—which fit and looked professional—helped me to get my first job. It was amazing! I kept making my own garments with special attention to fit and quality.

Red Point Tailor on Why I Sew for Sew Maris

When I moved to The Netherlands I stopped sewing for some time. However, as it was not so easy to buy properly fitting garments here—most of the Dutch women are much taller—I started sewing again. And I am very glad I did it. I realized how much I missed it.

Finding sewing community on the web was amazing. I love to share ideas and exchange experience and knowledge on my blog. I get inspired seeing creations of other bloggers. I am glad to see new generations striving to have unique, tailored garments of high quality.

Red Point Tailor on Why I Sew for Sew Maris

My next challenge is to share my knowledge and experience not only by giving sewing courses, but advising on style and dressing as well.

Coming back to the question of why I sew—being able to create a garment, seeing the final result, having a great feeling wearing it, knowing that it is unique—makes me feel proud. I think we all should stand still and think about these feelings more often.

PS. The story behind the name, Red Point Tailor? Friend of my husband had a friend, who had a white cat with the tail ending in red. So his name was Red Point Tailer. Our one of the first cats was grey with the tail ended in white. Our last cat was red and white… my grandfather was a tailor, so somehow we came up with … the Red Point Tailor. Just a little fun!

Thank you so much for sharing your sewing story, Beata! You should be proud of your beautiful clothes, and I hope we will see more of your lovely creations soon.

Happy sewing!


Let’s Celebrate SEWING

Hey, have you heard? September is National Sewing Month!


OK, EVERY month is sewing month in my house, but still. Sewing is worthy of a little champagne and caviar, right?

I am going to celebrate this month by sharing some wonderful stories with you from some of my favorite blogging friends. They are going to share a bit about why sewing is important in their lives, and I hope you join the conversation and leave us a comment about your own sewing journey. We want to hear from you!

Happy sewing, most awesome readers ever!!



Let’s Get Tanked Up!

Hey! Guess who’s on Sew Mama Sew today! That’s right, me. Or more specifically, my pretty little sleeveless lace tank!

Even on a simple project like this lace tank, there is plenty for a confident beginner to learn. I learned a great tip from Pamela Leggett about staying a knit neckline, a technique I used on this project, so that is a tutorial you definitely want to check out. Do jump over to Sew, Mama, Sew so you can get all the deets on how to make this pretty and sleeveless lace tank for yourself. Thanks Kristin and Beth!!

If you like this project, you might also like reading about some of the dresses, coats, or tops I have made, too. Maybe a  few will inspire you to spend a little more time at your sewing machine. Because for me, that’s what it is all about! Let’s just get EVERYONE sewing, and loving sewing! It might not be world peace, but it would definitely increase the happiness factor on the planet.

Happy sewing!