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(Emerald) Green is the color for spring 2013

It’s happening. I am starting to obsess about all things gardening.

Every year about this time I start itching to get out in the garden. The ground is much too hard and much too wet, but still I start thinking about how to expand my vegetable beds, and where an apple tree might thrive, and if an olive tree would actually bear fruit in the Pacific Northwest.

I signed up for a “Start Your Garden Indoors” and “Smart Garden Planning” at Seattle Tilth. My DH is considering taking the “City Chickens 101” class.

I ordered another one of these handy little planting calculators from Irish Eyes. I had one from a few years back, but it got left out in the rain and was no longer usable.

Garden Planner

I treated myself to a new garden tote, too. Well, actually, the handles were rotting off my old one, so I guess it could be classified as an essential expenditure instead of a treat, right? This one is supposed to be water repellant, so we’ll see how long it lasts. Probably it would help if I don’t leave it out in the rain, too. 😉



I ordered a few little gadgets I think might be helpful, and at a minimum, will be another excuse to fiddle around in the dirt more frequently. I’ve always wanted to test my soil temp, and know I will be able to!



The advice about testing your soil PH/balance is mixed. Some believe that our Pacific NW soil is uniformly slightly acidic and one should just add a little dolomite lime, and others think you should always test. I am feeling geeky, so this little soil PH/fertility gadget seems like fun.

What are the chances this seed starter will help me from dropping too many seeds into the ground? I’ll report back on after early spring planting. Which I reckon is going to start about mid-March. Squeal!


Happy sewinggardening!

Maris Olsen