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Friday Fail: EPIC Shirt Cuff Fail

Hahahaha! This was a LOL funny fail. Do you have any idea how many shirts I have made in my lifetime? LOTS, is the correct answer. On a new Archer shirt I am working onfinished, I dutifully marked the button and buttonhole placement on the cuffs. Turns out the button mark didn’t look all the different from my buttonhole mark. Right. You can see where this is going now, can’t you? Yep, I stitched up a lovely buttonhole on the WRONG side of the cuff. And yes, I cut through it before I noticed.

Misplaced buttonhole on shirt cuff (Friday Fail) by Sew Maris

What.A.Major.Dope. But it did make me burst out laughing at myself! 🙂

Wondering why I bothered adding a buttonhole on the correct side? Well, I had scheduled a photo shoot of the shirt the next morning, and thought maybe I could just hack the cuff together for the shoot. Who was going to notice, right? No close-ups! Well, 40 minutes later I had 2 new cuffs on my Archer shirt. Two?!? Yes, as drafted the cuffs would have fit around Godzilla’s wrists, so I was planning on replacing them after the photo shoot anyway. The buttonhole disaster just sped up the timeline. After a little “pattern liposuction”, I recut 2 new cuffs, stitched ’em on, and added buttonholes on the correct side of both cuffs. BAM!

Bet you didn’t do anything as funny as my buttonhole fail this week, now did you? Mwaaaah!

Happy sewing!



Friday Fail: The Seduction of a Simple Serging Task

This week let’s start something new — #fridaysewfail confession time! This is where you get to share a recent sewing fail, receive community absolution, and immediately head out for a start-of-the-weekend adult beverage. I’ll go first, and then I can get on with celebrating the weekend. 😉

Ruffly skirt made by Sew Maris

OK, I wasn’t literally drinking while I was serging the elastic on the waist of this simple ruffle-tiered fabric, but the result kinda looks like I might have had one lemon drop too many, right? 😉

Ruffly skirt by Sew Maris

Sometimes we all get into the mindset that “this is so simple I don’t even have to <pin it>, <measure it>, <baste it>, <change to the correct needle>, <insert the sewing job of your choice>”. Or we actually only have 30 minutes during the day to sew, because the rest of the time is occupied with work, child-rearing, housework, sleeping, etc.

Ruffly Skirt by Sew Maris

This ruffled knit fabric totally seduced me into the “I can whip this skirt up in 30 minutes” state of mind. And I did stitch it up about that fast. But bloody hell, it is far from my best work. The ruffles line up pretty well on the seam, but would you take a close look at the elastic serging job? Geez Louise. One.Hot.Mess. Did I mention there is no hem in this fabric because a) it is a knit and does not ravel, and b) the ruffly bits on sewn onto the mesh layer are already finished!

Whatever. I am not going to rip out serging and redo it. I rarely do the “tops tucked” thing, so no one will be the wiser. Except y’all. 😉

Come on, your turn. Did you have something to share for this week’s #fridaysewfail ?

Happy sewing, and enjoy a Pimm’s cocktail on me this weekend!