Couture Sewing Techniques- a (mini) book review

Are you a Claire Schaeffer fan? I am. She knows how to lay down some pretty awesome instructions for complex sewing tasks. I own and regularly read her original Couture Sewing Techniques, so I was definitely intrigued by Couture Sewing Techniques, Revised and Updated, published in May of this year.

Let me say I intended to read the new version, cover to cover. But I seem to be alternately obsessed about preparing for and uselessly hopping about on one foot over the VERY IMPENDING birth of my first grand-daughter (due December 3rd – eeeck!). So I didn’t read the revised version cover to cover. I did pretty darn thoroughly skim thru most chapters. I did compare the table of contents. I did compare the index. I found one complete new section in the updated book, entitled Designing with Fabric. I found new index entries, but all the ones I checked were a result of an improved index – not actual new content in the book.  And I guess it makes sense. Since these couture techniques have been around for a long while, umm, maybe there isn’t all that much new to say? I’m just saying…

I think both of Claire’s books are superb references. I think either would be a great addition to many sewing libraries. Either, but not both. Do you own one of Claire’s books? What do you think? How often do you use it?

If you are looking to add a great resource to your personal collection, you can purchase either edition below:

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Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen


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