Almost Too Late for a Sleeveless Archer

I am either way ahead of the game for summer 2015, or struggling to get across the 2014 summertime finish line with all my tires smoking. Your guess which it is. ūüėČ

Raspberry Silk Sleeveless Archer by Sew Maris

The picture on the right is my inspiration for a new shirt, and after making my first Archer, it was the obvious pattern choice for a pretty new sleeveless blouse. And since I happened to have some lightweight raspberry silk in my stash, that also seemed like a no-brainer choice.

Jen has a few tips about pattern modifications for making a sleeveless Archer on her website¬†to help you determine how and where to trim the armhole edge and yoke.¬† I tried on my Archer-with-sleeves and measured where I wanted the armhole for my sleeveless version to end, and then¬†trimmed an¬†inch¬†pretty much according to Jen’s diagram from the front, back, and yoke ¬†shoulder edge.

Raspberry Silk Sleeveless Archer by Sew Maris

Did I mention I am using silk for this blouse? I don’t have any low-temp fusible interfacing appropriate for silk, so silk organza it is for the interfacing. Hand basting with the silk basting thread and super-sharp Japanese needles I sell in my Etsy store. I get a point for slow sewing, right? Maybe two?

What’s on your sewing table right now? Are you trying to cram in the last few summer garments, or already thinking about fall styles?

Happy sewing!






11 Responses to Almost Too Late for a Sleeveless Archer

  1. well i think a sleeveless archer will be perfect for transitioning into fall, as they’re much easier to layer than a full-sleeved shirt! i also have a silk sleeveless archer i’m trying to squeeze in before time is up… without all the details of of the sleeves they’re a pretty quick to make!

  2. Lisa makes a good point- if you’re a cardigan/blazer person, this will be great for underneath! I’m working on a summer dress still, although it’s been cool and rainy all week. I’m in denial that summer’s ending!!!!!

    • Ginger, I have a couple of summer dresses that I need to take in – hoping to squeeze that in too. But who likes “re-making”? I’d always rather start from scratch. But those summer dresses can easily transition with a sweater too, so let’s stay in our denial! Hope you make great progress on your dress today!

  3. As a fellow Seattlite who survived our record high temperatures earlier this week, I am still very much in summer sewing mode. I’ll turn my attention to sewing for fall when our daily high temperatures consistently fall below 75 degrees F.

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