How (NOT!) to sew pajama pants

PJPantsPatternScan (2)

Pajama pants are one of my go-to projects for beginning sewists because they:

  1. consist of only 1 or 2 pattern pieces
  2. usually can be completed in 1 or 2 lessons
  3. provide stitching practice on a garment that is not generally worn in public, so not matter how awful the stitching is they can still be considered “wearable” 😉

At a recent Kids Sew Camp, I handed the pattern instruction sheet shown above to two students working on their PJs. Since they were the oldest two students, I was encouraging their “independent sewing” mindset by asking them to construct their pants mostly by reading the pattern instructions.

Sheesh. Imagine my surprise when I took a second look. Can you see what is missing? Hint: the pictures are correct, but the written instructions are missing a step.

Happy sewing!


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