Set the Bag Exterior Aside

Set the bag exterior aside.

Sewing Circle Tote made by Sew Maris

Such an innocuous little statement in Elizabeth’s Sewing Circle Tote instructions.


Sewing Circle Tote made by Sew Maris

OMG. Thank goodness my Bernina 710 can handle stitching through nearly a half inch of cotton canvas, webbing, denim, layers of cotton fabrics, and ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable to wrestle this bag into submission. I feel like I had a gym workout this morning.

Sewing Circle Tote made by Sew Maris

I don’t know if I am going to feel like this bag was worth the effort. I am not even sure why I got excited about making it. And for sure I think my version of patchwork pockets suck. But then, we all know quilting is not my forte, amiright?

I can’t even remember how many hours it took me to cut out all the various pieces, but pretty sure it occupied the better part of 2 evenings. Hint # 1—any sewing project that takes days to cut out is not likely to provide sufficient enjoyment:effort ratio.

Sigh. Hint # 2—any sewing project that produces shouting and swearing is not likely to provide sufficient enjoyment:effort ratio. Sorry.

But now that I have this much into it I am going to finished the g.d. thing and see if I even like using it. Assuming I do find a use for it. My original thought was to use it to haul stuff to my sewing retreats. We’ll see.

Are you sewing on something enjoyable today? Do share! 🙂 Or send dark chocolate STAT!

Happy sewing,


9 Responses to Set the Bag Exterior Aside

  1. I do feel your pain, LOL, it is why I have kept my all-metal workhorse Kenmore machine for more than 40 years. It can sew through anything! Hope the lining goes a bit better and you enjoy the bag when it is done. In the meantime, chocolate, then adult beverage and a long nap.

  2. oh dear – projects that invoke the Sweary Seamstress in my sewing room are not appreciated either! I’m in between projects, but planning a cape….

  3. This reminds me of that “4-hour jacket” from years back…that probably took me 4 hours to cut out! Then the lining I was adding got me stalled, and now the unfinished jacket has been hanging in my closet for so long it is out of style and needs alterations to make it fit/look right…not sure if I finish it just because, or if the “enjoyment:effort ratio” has been tipped too far to make it worth it! Good luck with the bag!

  4. I just came across your blog and this little write up on the bag. Oh heck YEAH!! Did a super great tote (The Weekender) but it used Timtex which I am sure is Kevlar’s baby brother! I love the bag because of the fabric used but trying to finish off the seams was an absolute nightmare!!

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