A special dress for a special day

Ta da! My DGD’s christening dress is done, and I even have a few “extras” to bring back to New York for the blessed event. I was definitely cutting it a little close on timing, but what else is new? I am really pleased with how the dress turned out – and I hope DGD’s momma is as happy with it as I am. Sometimes garments really DO turn out exactly as I picture them in my head!

Apologies for the picture quality. Photographing white is hard, and I am a lame photographer. Anyway, here is the “full frontal”.


Mitered lace insertion, hand embroidery on the bodice and the sleeves, adorable!


More embroidery near the hem edge, and the entredeux and hem lace. Pretty!


Momma says baby is a drooley-booley-spit-up-girl at the moment. Maybe a pretty bib will keep the dress clean until show time during the service.


Not sure if these will be the final effort, but a girl needs to have new shoes for a new dress, right?


I know, I’m a little nuts. But I had a wonderful time making this dress and accessories for Oona’s big day, and am still hoping to get a little sweater done and maybe a little fancier pair of shoes. Or maybe some hand-knit booties. Or maybe I will just lie down until my creative brain shuts off!

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen

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    • Thanks Saralyn! I ended up “lining” the dress as the Vogue pattern called for. Not sure this part is optimal, but I wanted the backside of the embroidery stitches covered. Designer discretion!! 😉

  1. Wow, Maris. You amaze me. This is absolutely gorgeous. Love shows through every stitch.
    Blessings in your travels and the special event.

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