Monkeys for my favorite little monkey

I wish I had a picture of my favorite monkey wearing this cute new raincoat. But toddlers are not noted for being highly cooperative. With photo shoot sessions, or much else, for that matter, so you will just have to use your imagination.

McCalls 6392 by SewMaris

All I can say is this fabric choice is perfect for my DGD. She is my favorite, super-active, always-moving, hilarious 3-year-old. And more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

McCalls 6392 by Sew Maris

The pattern for this cutie is McCall’s 6392 (OOP). I stitched up only the raincoat and drawstring backpack—who the heck gives a 3 year-old an weaponumbrella? I contemplated making the hat, but figured that was just one more thing to lose. The backpack will probably get lost too, but since all little ones LOVE bags for their very important stuff, I made one up for DGD. I don’t care that much if she loses something that took 15 minutes to sew.


This fabric is laminated, so it actually is pretty waterproof, but I didn’t do anything over-the-top-crazy like seal the seams. (This is for a 3 year-old.)  A teflon foot helped when sewing on this fabric, especially on the laminated/shiny/stickier side. Maybe the ole’ cellophane tape on the bottom of the presser foot trick would have worked,too,  but I have a teflon foot so I used it. Reduces the accessory presser foot cost/miles sewn, right? 😉

McCalls 6392 by Sew Maris

Of course, I had to make a few changes to the pattern. I added a bit of elastic to the hood so hopefully it will stay on her head. I also lined the hood with Polar Fleece 100 so it is cozy and warm around her ears. How do you like that “designer” neckline binding to hide the SA, and the coat hook loop. Snazzy, eh?

McCalls 6392 by Sew Maris

Just to add to my aggravation working with this laminated fabric, I felled the seams. The old-fashioned way with a regular presser foot, wrong sides together, and trimming one seam allowance before turning and topstitching. I know. Only a grandmother is this crazy. But I wanted the inside totally finished and clean. And it is!

McCalls 6392 by Sew Maris

Must.Have.Pockets. That kiddo is obsessed with pockets. I drafted fairly large ones,and like the rest of the coat, trimmed them with narrow (purchased) bias binding. I love the contrast detail of the binding! And those KAM snaps totally rock. Many thanks to my friend Krista who loaned me her press and piles of leftover snaps! I think the  snaps make the coat look way more RTW than Velcro, which is what the pattern suggests for closures.

McCalls 6392 by SewMaris

This is where there a pix of my DGD wearing her cute new raincoat belongs. Squint! You can see her in it, right?

Maybe I can snap one someday soon and show you (again) how cute the little monkey is.

Happy sewing!






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  1. This is freakin’ adorable. My daughter would love this even though at almost 9 she’s probably outgrowing her monkey stage…but I have this in “regular” fabric in pink and she loves it. This pattern looks cute and I like the addition of the fleece in the hood. Nice work!

  2. That is the cutest! I bet my almost-4 grandson would love one in a dinosaur fabric. Now I have yet another project in my queue!

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