Keep your eye on this little fashion designer

Working on baby dress

 I think some people are  just destined to be great at what they enjoy, even at a very young age. I am lucky to be teaching a really special young lady how to sew, and is she ever a natural. Malia is only 10 years old, but her attention to detail and concentration belie her years. She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up, and IMHO you should keep an eye on her. A close eye. I’m pretty darn sure she’s got the stuff!

Her latest project was a baby dress for her newest cousin, born in September. We decided that she ought to use French seams to make the inside of the dress as soft and smooth as possible for the baby. That’s right, my 10 year old student who has only been sewing a few months made a dress with French seams!  

French Seams - Baby Dress 

Malia’s sewing machine that her awesome parents bought for her has loads of embroidery stitches, and she wanted to embellish the hem of her dress with this sweet little stitch. We made a sample using white thread, and 2 different shades of pink. I love the one she picked – adorable!

Embroidered Hem - Baby Dress

 Well, all I can say is I am super proud of Malia. And I think  Bert, Anya, and Joshua should be worried! I’m betting Malia is going to kick their design booties in a few years!

Proud Designer

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen


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