Have crazy fun making Halloween baby clothes

What is cuter than an adorable little one in custom-made Halloween outfit? Not a costume, mind you, but an actual outfit that can be worn more than once!


I will likely whip out a Halloween costume this weekend, but I won’t spend too much time on it. If we can wrangle the no-is-my-favorite-word toddler into wearing a costume at all it will be a small miracle, so I am not spending much of my sewing time on that chore. But a cute Halloween jumper that I can embellish? I’m all over it.


My DD loved a dress on Pinterest that featured a candy corn appliquĂ©, so that element became the design focus. How did I manage to have some candy corn print cotton in my stash? That became a ruffle at the hem edge. I wrapped the seam allowance in orange bias binding so there are no raw edges. I know. Overkill for a child’s dress.

I bought some yellow and orange rick rack, and decided that looked best sandwiched in the seam allowance. Of course. I couldn’t just slap it on top, right?


McCall’s 6193 was the base for this outfit, and I didn’t want to use contrast fabric for the pockets, but liked the touch of rick rack along the edge. My DGD LOVES pockets right now, and really, who doesn’t? 😉


Just to top off the craziness, I added 3 candy corn appliqués to the front of the jumper. Which of course means a multiple thread changes  to accomplish white, yellow and orange stitching in the appropriate places on each applique. Just shows how far you will really go for a grand-daughter.

McCall’s 6193 is a very simple pattern, and the perfect foil for an embellished garment like this Halloween jumper. I have no idea if the instructions are any good, since I never opened them. If you are not a nut like me, I would imagine you could whip one of these out in a few hours. But if anyone knows how to complicate a simple sewing task, I am a top candidate for that honor!

I REALLLLLLLY hope my DGD deigns to wear this outfit. More than once. For the rest of you, you still have a few days left. Get on it and whip out some cute Halloween baby clothes, and then share a picture of your creations!

Happy sewing!


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