Blue bees for springtime

Blue Bee Dress started

I bet you thought I forgot about you. Maybe it even crossed your mind that I don’t care about you anymore.

Well, you would be wrong on both counts. I have missed you and our chats. I want to know what is on your sewing table. Mine has been overflowing with pillowcase dresses for Dress a Girl Around the World, a few pairs of knit pants, and some new knit tops. Sew Expo also came and went, and my teaching schedule has been over-full. As usual, I have spent not-nearly-enough time in my garden coaxing early spring vegetables to sprout and grow. Yes, dear readers, life has indeed gotten in the way of our relationship.

But here is something fun for you! I found this sweet and  (sort of) simple dress pattern in an old Sew Beautiful magazine (yes, I still have all my old copies!) last summer. I thought it would make an adorable dress for my DGD, so I ordered the perfect bee print fabric from an Etsy seller to honor her middle name,which is  “Buzz”. I say “sort of simple” because lining up rick-rack over the seamline and then binding all the seam allowances does not really qualify as simple in my book, but the dress pattern design lines are simple and there are only 4 pattern pieces. Soooo, simple design lines, with a fairly fiddly construction. And of course purchased seam binding was not going to do for this dress, either, so I made it from a complementary print.

Bee Dress pattern

I hope to get this dress finished this week even tho it will be too cold to wear it for some months around here. Maybe with some leggings and a T-shirt underneath it could work before August!

Blue Bee Dress closeup

What are you sewing these days? Share your sewing adventures, I’d love to hear about your projects!

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen



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  1. What a lovely little simple (looking) dress! The fabric choices are perfect. Wish I had all of those old SBs to draw on (not a pun) lol. Waiting for new patterns to arrive so that I too can get some summer dresses going for my DGD, for when summer actualy arrives after 4th of July. I guess I have some lead time. Meanwhile , some new Spring knits for me – after Easter basket decorating. Happy Easter!

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