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Make Norm proud when you mark those buttonholes

Good tools are a sewist’s best friend.

A well-powered sewing machine, a speciality foot to help guide edgestitching or insert an invisible zipper, just the right scissors that trim seam allowances effortlessly—Norm Abrams himself would marvel at the array of tools available to make the job of sewing easier, faster, or more precise.

I recently purchased a new tool, and am just tickled pink with how well the Simflex Expanding Gauge  marks buttonholes. I just happened to have a new blue shirt that needed buttons and buttonholes, and I was curious if there would be any difference between my old marking system and the Simflex. I marked the buttonholes using my “old school system” first by drawing the center front line +  measuring the buttonhole placement lines with a 2-inch C-Thru ruler and a red Frixion marking pen. (I sort of followed the pattern markings, but definitely needed to adjust placement for my shape.)

Then I lined up the Simflex Expanding Gauge on top of the buttonhole marks I had made with the ruler and marking pen. Look! A discrepancy! I know, I know, it is rather a small amount, but admit it—there is a tiny alignment difference between the manual measurements and the Simflex. Possibly only enough difference to matter to a truly nerdy sewing geek, but since I am a sewing geek  goddess, I plan on using this tool for marking all buttonholes henceforth. And for less than $20,you can too. 🙂

Simflex Expanding Gauge

Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen