Monthly Archives: April 2011

Lost my mojo

Have you seen it anywhere? If you find it, please send it home immediately. I am definitely not myself these days. I am not in the mood to sew, knit, or cook.  As far as I know, I have not fallen and hit my head recently, so it must be THE STINKING CRAP that is attempting to pass as “spring weather” in the great Pacific Northwest has gotten to me.

I think I may have to go to bed and pull the covers over my head until the sun comes out. Or at least until the rain, hail, and wind stop.


Maris Olsen

Spring cleaning


I can barely believe it, but I actually managed to evict my husband from our shared sewing/home office space. He used to occupy a very large room in our house which was (euphemistically) known as the “library”, but in reality was a scary man-cave full of towering stacks of recipts, magazines, tools, and Lord-knows-what-else (I only included a tiny glimpse of his desk in the photo above since I do not want to be responsible for heart attacks). When I decided to start teaching sewing last fall, I garnered a chunk of the room, but he was not willing to vacate the space. Now that I want to teach group classes this summer, AND I want to get all my supplies into one room,  he has capitulated. Not that I use those words within his earshot, mind you. 🙂

This past weekend we started the enormous job of cleaning out and moving him out. Most of my tools and supplies are now in the room, although he is far from totally out. Now if I can just keep the momentum going….

Two “sewing stations” in what will soon be called the “Sew Maris Studio”


Happy sewing!

Maris Olsen