Lazy Sunday reading

How crazy is it that right after StacySews and I finished up our Ziggi Sew-along, I came across a blog post about how to style edgy garments like biker jackets? If you are not familiar with YLF, it might just might become a new favorite style site for you. Angie, the face of YLF, is every bit as sweet in person as she sounds in her writing.

Boy, some days I really need a little inspiration, and a reminder that despite all of the hard work and focus required to own your own business, my passion for getting as many people as possible excited about sewing is totally the right path for me. If you have passion you are so much more likely to be happy and successful! My favorite quote from this article on why passion is so important is  Nelson Mandela’s. Which one is your favorite?

If only I had more time, I would be baking these crazy delicious looking whoopie pies. I hope my husband doesn’t see this and start nagging me to bake him something yummy! These are definitely not Easter-specific eggs, but totally made me giggle.

If I went back to school tomorrow, I would either study textile manufacturing, or if I couldn’t take all the science required for that degree, art and design. Who knew that geckos could inspire fabric innovation!

Do you have a best girlfriend? I love how quickly women with a shared interest can connect. I wish I had been at Marcy’s Artbarn to drool over her luscious fabrics and talk about sewing and design with this talented group. And if I ever find myself in Denmark I bet Line and I would find loads to share about teaching sewing.

Do you use a writing tool to help you blog? I am trying out Scrivener, and think it is really going to be helpful. Read more about how it might help you organize your own blog posts.

Hope you have a great week! I will be busy having fun with Kids Sew Camps.

Happy sewing!



2 Responses to Lazy Sunday reading

  1. Annette says:

    I so admire you and possibly envy you for your sewing camps. It must be inspiring to see their minds figuring it out and realizing what else they can do. I taught math–a little different and not quite as useful as sewing! I tried to let me teach home ec and math, but administration didn’t see a connection.

  2. SewMaris says:

    Come over and join in the fun! 😉 Seriously, they are loads of work, but so, so rewarding. I love watching little girls feel competent and capable!

    Don’t even get me started on the lack of home ec in schools these days. Administrators. Bah!

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